It looks like Addo-Carr is coming back to Sydney. 
Would it not make sense to talk to his manager to offer him a 3 year contract at the Eels and at the same time talk to Ferguson's manager and organise a 3 yr contract with the Dogs or Tigers from 2021 onwards?
Good business sense?

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  • He's going to play with his mates at Souths.

  • If he goes to Souths Alex Johnston could be a great look in. He'd be very cheap. 

    • I would go for Alex Jonhston - he can also play fullback and centre if needed 

      • The problem is that he is leaving Souths BECAUSE he wants to play fullback, and be paid like one.

        • Johnston is leaving South's because he is not in their plans for 2020, not because he's shopping himself around. They want to sign that 17 year old wonder boy so it doesn't allow them to keep Johnston. He is a versatile player but wing is where he offers the most value.

          We should be looking for a promising young back 5 prospect at a reasonable price who is prepared to come to a club that will be permanently playing finals football in the future if we don't have have any coming through our development system.

          • Brett is 109% correct. - Alex has stated publicly several times he wants to play fullback and Souths are going with Mitchell and that's why he is off.... he wouldn't work at Parra

            what we need is 2-3 front rowers

          • It’s common knowledge he wants to play fullback, or at least be paid like one

        • Not a single team would buy him as fullback. Wingers need to wake up lol

          • I can't believe how naive you are P&B.

          • The Broncos, Bulldogs & Titans would, possibly even the Cowboys. 

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