3 Eels players Fined

 Three Parramatta Eels players have been charged by the match review committee for incidents in last night's game against Manly Sea Eagles.

 Reagan Campbell-Gillard has been sanctioned for a grade one shoulder charge, and can accept a $3000 fine with an early guilty plea.

 Mitchell Moses received a grade one contrary conduct charge, carrying a $750 fine with an early guilty plea.

Maika Sivo has been charged for contrary conduct, and faces a $1800 fine.

Let's hope they all don't follow Mattersons example 

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  • Fuck they hate us at the MRC .  Players should be able to nominate a charity to pay these fines too and I'd bet the MRC slowed up a little when the extortion stopped .  

  • What did Moses and Sivo do?

    • Pulled hair. That's embarrassing. 

  • Is Sivos because of the hair? That's so stupid they should be forced to tie it up, some of the really long hair is unavoidable 


    • What did moses do?

      • Moses missed a thousand conversions.

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    They Can Find this and issue a fine, but they cant get a no try forward pass call correct. Not sure they have their priorities right.

    • The bunker has no authority with forward passes Bluey and the MRC cant possibly have. I'm sure they could be more useful showing refereeing errors for their reviews of them than wasting time looking for hair pulling just the same.

      I would like/love to be on the referee review commitee asking the question "what were you fucking thinking you lime light loving piece of shit" or somethng simple like that!.....that might encourage them to realise that the less decisions you make, the less errors you will have!

      • yeah I get that, Im just kicking stones. I find it strange that everyone else can watch it on tv and can tell its backwards out of the hands but the bunker cant so therefore they are not allowed to. Such an important part of our game youd think they could find some way especially on a scoring play.

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