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Firstly great interview-but more importantly-who is the massive unit in the background eating watermelon? I'm assuming it's willis Meehan but whoever it is absolutely makes the others look like midgets

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Ting Tong is a guy!!

nice relaxed group,,who the big unit in the white hoody, hes the boxer right,,wow he bigger then paulo , or as huge should be great when fit next year...Tiger talk: Mitchell Moses shares a laugh with teammates on Monday.

That's Meehan in the hoody

Needs to put in a big off season and build some serious muscle in those legs, atm he's built like a big kid but I would not like to try and tackle him at full speed.
You got a problem with midgets Mateo.
Cause a midget footy team sounds pretty cool, would be an awesome half time entertainment..and maybe I could get a run
Fake midget years ago i play against a side with smaller blokes then us we made them look like kids but believe in me they all most beat us they were to small to tackle and to fast we only won by 2 points so size dont count
That and we would get plenty of penalties for head high tackles.
I can't see other posts because the mobile version isn't fixed but yes, that big unit is Willis Meehan.
I watched him do some ball skills work with a recovery group a few weeks ago and even next to big Franky he is still huge.

He PUNCHED a ball that was kicked towards him and it deadset traveled 30 metres through the air!!!
There is a very important often overlooked importance in league, and that is having different body types and running styles in your pack.In a fast moving game , adjusting your tackling technique each tackle is more difficult than it sounds and running one out at the same defender 3 times in a set gets bagged as poor attack but can often lead to a tired defender falling off a tackle or not wrapping the ball up leading to an offload or line break.Next year with the addition of the lanky bloke from the Roosters and Meehan mixed with a hard running Teripo and an EXPLOSIVE!!!Mannah we should be ok.


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