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EELS 3-2-1

By Snake ' Moderatwhore'. Last reply by tele1 6 minutes ago. 133 Replies

The Semi Moment

By Nidge. Last reply by ÐaṜĶiiiȜ 28 minutes ago. 25 Replies

Hayne's dummy spit

By slip. Last reply by Tentonz 48 minutes ago. 49 Replies

Who do you hate more Manly or Canterbury?

By Sterlo For PM!. Last reply by Eelheart 4 hours ago. 55 Replies

Belted, Battered and Bruised

By Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur. Last reply by Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur 6 hours ago. 13 Replies

Hayne the Decoy

By Craig Marshall. Last reply by Joey 7 hours ago. 13 Replies



Latest Parramatta Eels News

Hayne dominant as Eels run away from Sharks

Posted on August 3, 2014 at 2:40am 2 Comments

Jarryd Hayne turned in a Rugby League masterclass as Parramatta easily accounted for the Sharks 32 to 12 and at least for the time-being forced their way back inside the eight.


Hayne is in rare form. While nobody has doubted his talent, Hayne appears to have matured into a player that now understands his gifts and has the confidence to execute them at the highest possible level. Given his relatively injury-free…



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Latest Activity

FME replied to matt sweeney's discussion 'eels with 32 pts missing the 8.'
"Ye glory glory to souths Sydney my ass. Should be glory h0ole to souths Sydney cause they suck."
1 minute ago
tele1 replied to Snake ' Moderatwhore''s discussion 'EELS 3-2-1'
"WTF ?"
6 minutes ago
tele1 replied to matt sweeney's discussion 'eels with 32 pts missing the 8.'
"it's the tough love that we need that is given to us from the football gods (lol) one day we will be thankful"
10 minutes ago
tele1 replied to Dr J's discussion 'What team do you want to play and avoid 1st week in finals'
"This is the Judas Blog Parra has not qualified for finals - it is bad karma to talk of such things I refuse to answer on the grounds it may effect my Footy Team "
14 minutes ago
FME replied to Yobz's discussion 'ASADA new policies'
"Expensive lawyers."
16 minutes ago
FME replied to Dr J's discussion 'What team do you want to play and avoid 1st week in finals'
"I really don't care. The bigger the under dogs we are the happier I'll be. I rekon we have the panthers measure so I wouldn't mind playing them."
18 minutes ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Snake ' Moderatwhore''s discussion 'EELS 3-2-1'
"I'm not suggesting we buy another 800K centre. I don't doubt BA doesn't mind Morgan rushing up. He just has to make the tackle. It's like watching EGJ again. He missed a couple of tackles against the Bulldogs in the same fashion.…"
19 minutes ago
FME replied to Camo73's discussion 'The refs are going to decide this year's premiership'
"After that sandow try was disallowed on Friday night Gould said, wow the video ref is now the 14th defender. What does that yell u?"
20 minutes ago
Dr J posted a discussion

What team do you want to play and avoid 1st week in finals

I hope we get the dogs cause it will be sweet revenge and very beatable, however i wouldnt want to play storm especially in melbourneSee More
23 minutes ago
FME replied to matt sweeney's discussion 'eels with 32 pts missing the 8.'
"Didn't manly play their first semi final at brookvale last year?"
23 minutes ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Snake ' Moderatwhore''s discussion 'EELS 3-2-1'
"There we go. Attack: 7 try assists to 2, 8 LB Assists to 2. Even the 1 on 1 stats are telling. Hoppa's got more than double the 1 on 1 tackles. I'll address the Hoppa miss on the first try. Firstly, he didn't fly out of the line of no…"
25 minutes ago
FME replied to matt sweeney's discussion 'eels with 32 pts missing the 8.'
"Ye spot on. The year we finally start coming good and it ends up being one of the closely contested years in history. Any other year we would already have a spot in the 8. Insane."
26 minutes ago
ÐaṜĶiiiȜ replied to Nidge's discussion 'The Semi Moment'
"the Eels newest cult hero is born "
28 minutes ago
Tentonz replied to Joey's discussion 'Newcastle Eels'
"I remember trudging out on that Monday night to watch Eels, expecting to lose, (even though I think they were missing Cronk and Smith) and seeing Jarryd run all over Billy, and then surprisingly, we got the 2 points. And there children, is where the…"
29 minutes ago
Camo73 replied to Kaykay's discussion 'Hoppa or izzy'
"Those try assists he's been giving our wingers all year have been pretty special. Having Hoppa means the defensive team isn't sure which one of them will get the ball. This creates opportunities for both Hayne and Hoppa, as well as the…"
38 minutes ago
Tentonz replied to slip's discussion 'Hayne's dummy spit'
"Tele1, I can't help but notice that those quotation marks have crept back into your game, and have steadily been increasing in their frequency. You were doing really well there for a couple of weeks. I'm just lightly tapping you…"
48 minutes ago
Frankie Fong replied to Kaykay's discussion 'Hoppa or izzy'
"Hoppa is not even in the top ten centres in the game , he is slow , has no footwork and poses no threat to the defence . The club only payed what they payed because the then board was desperate to sign players , Hoppa is barely worth 300k let alone…"
1 hour ago
Frank 'The Speculator'Tank replied to Kaykay's discussion 'Hoppa or izzy'
"Doesn't mean he wont jump back to them when his contract is up. Remember his brother is back there plus his father still has strong ties to that shit h*** of a club. Just saying, but I hope he doesn't."
1 hour ago
Craig Bridger shared jamesy's photo on Facebook
1 hour ago
Maroubra Eel replied to Yobz's discussion 'ASADA new policies'
"Yep, doesn't make sense."
1 hour ago

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