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Bevan French Is NOT A Player We Need, Or A Player We Can Carry Any Longer.

By Snake 'Free Vince''. Last reply by Xman on Friday. 101 Replies

First off id like to clearly state Bev seems a lovely young man, this is not personal not am i blaming him for our losses but what he is is part of a bigger problem as are many of his team mates.Bevan needs to be let go, he is not the player we are…Continue

The Reasons Brad Arthur MUST Be Sacked Or Walk Away.

By Snake 'Free Vince''. Last reply by Frank The Tank on Friday. 238 Replies

1. A complete inability when it really mattered to hold players accountable for on and off field discipline.2. For lying about holding players accountable in numerous press conferences and saying they would not be in his plans moving ahead, but then…Continue

Is The Current Eels Team Lacking Football Intelligence?

By The King. Last reply by speedy2460 on Friday. 28 Replies

Football Intelligence. What is it? How do the Eels rank? And which individual players are letting the team down?After watching the NRL from a coaches point of view for many years, one of the most underated components to a football team I believe is…Continue

Tags: Intelligence, Football

Parramatta chairman admits the club may have a culture problem

By Mick. Last reply by Snake 'Free Vince'' on Tuesday. 57 Replies

It’s probably the strongest admission you will ever get from an NRL club chairman.But Parramatta boss Max Donnelly has conceded: “I didn’t think culture was a problem but you have got to question it.”On the day troubled forward Kenny Edwards is due…Continue



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Parra fan on The Hill posted a discussion

Why aren't we raiding the Intrust Super Premiership?

Over the origin period we're seen numerous clubs who had players unavailable due to selection blood some really exciting prospests (ie Roosters, Panthers, Dragons, Broncos etc). We should be looking to purchase those players on the cheap offering them 1st grade on a permanent basis instead of staying at their current high-flying clubs waiting the the top squad to be injury ravaged to get another game.Do we even have club scouts watching Intrust games? You need someone that has an eye for talent…See More
24 minutes ago
N1cK replied to brissyeel's discussion 'More on the review'
"The roosters would have done this internal review in about 15 minutes - Called Brad into an office ''Brad we are doing a football review sit down it shouldn't  take long. Okay let's take a look at the ladder where are we -…"
44 minutes ago
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER replied to Rosemont Sack Bernie Gurr!'s discussion 'Peter Sterling reveals his biggest concern about the struggling Eels'
"I think BA should listen to Peter Sterling he know what hes talking about I think Sterlo make a good coach him n kenny as assistance coach after all kenny was a good lower grade coach once"
1 hour ago
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER replied to Zip zip's discussion 'SOS: Segeyaro and Taupau'
"I be letting kasya n king go buy segeyaro or  issac luke and go out buy Marty taupau or David Klemmer  For us to inprove next year we going to need 2 of these 4 players to inprove "
1 hour ago
Snake 'Free Vince'' replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
5 hours ago
Poupou Escobar replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
"He's actually very strong in the gym. He just lacks bulk."
5 hours ago
Parramaster replied to Zip zip's discussion 'SOS: Segeyaro and Taupau'
"No way - seggy is too small to be on the footy field he is listed at 5’7 we don’t need another small body at 9 - he will be the weakest in defence and plenty of traffic thrown at him"
6 hours ago
Snake 'Free Vince'' replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
"French has the bottom half of somebody on their last legs in Auschwitz, seriously looks like hes been starved, hes had years to fix this nonsense. He must be the weakest 'man' in RL worldwide?"
6 hours ago
Poupou Escobar replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
"He needs to gain some weight, but his frame isn't any smaller than theirs."
6 hours ago
mammojo "Not so Unicorn" replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
"These blokes are all small, yes, but they’re muscular and athletic. French has a little kids body."
6 hours ago
Kenny Power replied to Girth Wind & Fire's discussion 'Wenty'
"Is he in the be top 30squad"
6 hours ago
Frank The Tank replied to blue eel's discussion 'Fu%k off Brad Arthur'
"Amazing how stupid some can be Eel Team Six - there is no cure for the BA suckfest."
7 hours ago
Poupou Escobar replied to James Smith's discussion 'Wingers for 2019'
"Billy Slater just won player of the series in Origin ffs. Another current top four fullback is Matt Dufty."
7 hours ago
Zip zip replied to Zip zip's discussion 'SOS: Segeyaro and Taupau'
"Agree. Plenty of options for no.6 if Norman gets the punt. That’s why our biggest weakness is hooker and another forward like Taupau"
7 hours ago
feeling blue and gold balls replied to brissyeel's discussion 'More on the review'
"It's all ba fault he is the boss of the team its his friends it's his shit coaching 1 man out crap it's his recruiting his head CEO and board should follow 5 years idiots 1 finals with straight sets losses its pathetic to stick up for…"
7 hours ago
Mack replied to brissyeel's discussion 'More on the review'
"I've got no say in the process, all I can do is have some faith that it works and it's done fairly and in an unbiased way. Anyway I'm off to dinner and to watch the cup."
7 hours ago
Davo 'RIP feet for hands Toutai' replied to Rosemont Sack Bernie Gurr!'s discussion 'Peter Sterling reveals his biggest concern about the struggling Eels'
"Yep would like to see Norman and Moses on the same side sometimes and at times see Jennings and Hayne on the same side as each other job st now and then. Surely with the attacking knowledge between them they can serve up a hell of a lot more than…"
7 hours ago
Snake 'Free Vince'' replied to brissyeel's discussion 'More on the review'
"Fair points there, especially the last ones but are you worried that the same people doing the review barring the bloke theyve pulled in, are the same people who didnt identify any of this stuff before? Not only that but theres tonnes of conflicts…"
7 hours ago
Billy Bob replied to Zip zip's discussion 'SOS: Segeyaro and Taupau'
"I like Seggy and think he would be great but if we can't get him what about Mitch Rein? He's stuck behind Peats and surely a starting spot would be appealing at a decent price"
7 hours ago
Mack replied to brissyeel's discussion 'More on the review'
"It will be history repeating itself Colin. Its Hagen, SK, and Ricky all over. "
7 hours ago

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