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Honeti Tuha Joins Eels Pre-Season

By Wile E. Coyote. Last reply by Ron 35 minutes ago. 55 Replies

Images from the Soldiers Beach Sandhills

By sixtiesboy. Last reply by Melbourne Eel 13 hours ago. 150 Replies

James Roberts Anyone?

By Craig Marshall. Last reply by Colin Hussey on Tuesday. 78 Replies


By Slippery.. Last reply by Slippery Steve Nov 21. 37 Replies

Semi named in 2015 World 13

By Northern Beaches Eel. Last reply by Mick Nov 20. 8 Replies

Off-season guidelines

By 1Eyed Eel. Last reply by 1Eyed Eel Nov 20. 2 Replies

5 players to debut in 2016

By Trent Lethorn. Last reply by Poupou Escobar Nov 20. 29 Replies



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Poupou Escobar replied to Edward dawson's discussion 'Soldiers beach video'
"No but when they do I'm gonna put shit on them and anyone who watches it."
6 seconds ago
Edward dawson posted a discussion

Soldiers beach video

Its on parra app ,anyone going to post it for those who dont have app???
6 minutes ago
Dan replied to HAYNE PLANE85's discussion 'Eels in Queensland'
"I should mention I don't think it's a training camp as such, more of a cultural thing."
13 minutes ago
Tentonz replied to slip's discussion 'Heavy Metal Blog'
"Metallica at the Sydney big day out in the lightning storm,and Tool at the Newcastle uni bar in about 96 or something , these spring to mind..."
18 minutes ago
Tom al-bundi Laios replied to slip's discussion 'Heavy Metal Blog'
"Monster are you an idiot?Why does there have to be competition between any era of Rock?I like all eras of Rock.Each one lead to the next.The only form of music that needs to be eradicated from existence is Rap and Electronic Dance music.Now that is…"
35 minutes ago
Glenn Lifetime Eel replied to Robert Lloyd's discussion 'Bradley : Don`t Worry'
"Bloody hell I thought I saw Watmough doing situps. This was in 1989 so Watmough must be at least in his 40s."
35 minutes ago
Ron replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Honeti Tuha Joins Eels Pre-Season'
"Brad Arthur stated in an interview that Gutherson will be our centre but that now might be a winger when Hiku is announced. "
35 minutes ago
Johnny B Good replied to Capt. Choc's discussion 'Another sad story hoppa article'
"Dont need Hopoate on that money either"
37 minutes ago
Johnny B Good replied to Glenn Lifetime Eel's discussion 'Finally a Injury and Suspension Proof Team'
"I agree, without Hiku our right edge looks rank. Couldn't bare the thought of Toutai lacing up the boots at either wing or centre again."
40 minutes ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Glenn Lifetime Eel's discussion 'Finally a Injury and Suspension Proof Team'
"That's a nice breakdown of our squad depth there Glenn. And this is precisely what our recruitment team has been doing over the past two seasons. We've been recruiting depth players to ensure that in the future an injury crisis means we…"
42 minutes ago
Glenn Lifetime Eel replied to Robert Lloyd's discussion 'Bradley : Don`t Worry'
"Imagine how well they will play on a surface that has just been top dressed with sand!!!"
43 minutes ago
Glenn Lifetime Eel replied to Glenn Lifetime Eel's discussion 'Discipline and Players'
"JBG unless they take responsibility for their actions, and this applies to everyone not just league players, they keep doing stupid things. Bird immediately comes to mind. There has to be some accountability! "
46 minutes ago
Johnny B Good replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Honeti Tuha Joins Eels Pre-Season'
"You think Gutherson will definitely be our right centre? I'm not convinced. Our right side could see Toutai/ Gutherson/Folau /Foraimo combinations, none of which excite me greatly. "
47 minutes ago
Glenn Lifetime Eel posted discussions
55 minutes ago
Monster Eel #38 replied to slip's discussion 'Heavy Metal Blog'
"Ah man, wish I saw that blog, Slip cos I love the 60s music...and Spanner, I couldn't care less if you did listen to me cos I don't listen to your drivel. I mean look at the way you spelt awesome...orsome...WTF? Anyrthing? Specially? LEARN…"
56 minutes ago
macybrown replied to Robert Lloyd's discussion 'Bradley : Don`t Worry'
"Haha true Carlo...but it didn't hurt either!"
58 minutes ago
macybrown replied to Robert Lloyd's discussion 'Bradley : Don`t Worry'
"Haha...just as well simply the best ET retired then Darkie?!"
1 hour ago
slip replied to Capt. Choc's discussion 'Another sad story hoppa article'
"Club does not need this rubbish."
1 hour ago
Capt. Choc replied to Capt. Choc's discussion 'Another sad story hoppa article'
"WILL Hopoate’s manager, Tyran Smith, says the representative star is continuing to train and coping well despite the delay in working out his future due to his legal fight with the Parramatta club continuing in the Supreme Court. Hopoate is…"
1 hour ago
macybrown replied to Webby's discussion 'What's an acceptable outcome by 2020'
"We want soup!! Not expecting the full bowl next year but a good taste would be nice to set us up for the year after ;-)"
1 hour ago

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