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Eels training facility taking shape

By Hamish Williams. Last reply by Big Dave 1 hour ago. 24 Replies

More Shots from Training

By Hamish Williams. Last reply by Snake ' The Peoples Poet ' 3 hours ago. 36 Replies

Parra to release Justin hunt?

By Eel4life. Last reply by Big Dave 3 hours ago. 98 Replies

Prediction time

By sixtiesboy. Last reply by HKF 3 hours ago. 48 Replies

Angry Peats to skip All Stars and Nines

By Mule (JH he'll be back). Last reply by tele1 4 hours ago. 49 Replies

Jarryd Hayne Has Quit the Eels to Play in the NFL

By miatch. Last reply by Grunta 'Endless River' Potato 13 hours ago. 313 Replies

Arthur cagey on Eels' USA secrets

By Tj Styles. Last reply by The Snapper 15 hours ago. 39 Replies

Hypothetical: Matterson becomes a star

By 1Eyed Eel. Last reply by Sir Col - 'THE EGGMAN' AOM. yesterday. 66 Replies

Message from the Chairman

By Hamish Williams. Last reply by Ecniv Eels on Friday. 8 Replies



Latest Parramatta Eels News

Fitzgerald is back; election disrupted

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 2:25pm 37 Comments

Parramatta's upcoming board election has been thrown into mayhem after the Parramatta District Rugby League Club board voted to cancel today's election ballot pending a challenge into the accuracy of membership records held by the club.

Meanwhile, former CEO Denis Fitzgerald wants a return to the club and is listed as one of 22 candidates who have successfully nominated.

Also on the list is current 3P-aligned PDRLC board members Eric Grothe, Sid Kelly, Lynn Wallace and Ray…


Latest Activity

Snake ' The Peoples Poet ' replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"Col, first thing i'll be doing is give you a pay rise mate, dont know what phils paying you but you deserve double, i'll be looking after you Col, your a 1EE VIP on my watch."
9 minutes ago
Kenny was the King replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"Matterson has already done his time in Wenty last season. He'll be FG 5/8 next season. ZDC could be a smokey for the number 14 or get a run if Sandow slips up....either on or off the field again. Goodall could be a chance as he was impressive…"
10 minutes ago
Sir Col - 'THE EGGMAN' AOM. replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"That's fantabulous Snake - best signing news so far. I take it YOU must be the forward - the site can only go forward in your capable hands. (Wonder what those hands are capable of, though.)"
12 minutes ago
sixtiesboy replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"ZDC will be allowed to mature. No rush. Matterson will work through Wenty. Again no rush. Alvaro had a disappointing end to the season, much like Pauli. When I look at lower grades, the outstanding players normally look like men playing against…"
20 minutes ago
Ron replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"ZDC won't play next year, he'll be the halfback for Wenty "
31 minutes ago
Michael Snedden replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"Snake that's were your baby snakes c** from you might wana. Give your right nut instead .......lol"
32 minutes ago
Michael Snedden replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"I know I am grunta as are you we both know bert is talking out his ass. It's simple bert tell every one ur sauce n ppl will still believing your bs bog bert"
35 minutes ago
Michael Snedden replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"No bert not 1 little bit jut doing what you can't do n that is stating facts bert"
39 minutes ago
shane replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"Can't see any getting a go unless injuries, though there is still 1 wing spot up for grabs so if they can play wing 1 might get a go."
43 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"I would guess all would require injuries/suspensions/rep-duties in the FG to open up a position for them in 2015. So it will come down to luck as well as how they go in reserve grade"
48 minutes ago
eels_brad replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"Well that won't happen. Alvaro is a good shot, especially if we get injuries. ZDC unlikely IMO, unless Peats cops an injury or plays origin, he may come off interchange with De Gois starting. Goodall maybe, though he & Folau would be 3rd…"
49 minutes ago
Semi-Trailor replied to LB's discussion '2015 debutants'
"In order these are mine to make there debut Most defintaly 1: R Matterson 2: F Goodall 3: J Folou Most likely 4: Z Docker Clay 5: H Lavaka 6: D Alavaro I'd have Matterson at 5/8th for round one. And Norman at fullback."
1 hour ago
Kevin Flynn commented on jamesy's photo

Emperor denis

"Scary Jamesy, but I think he's kidding himself if he thinks he'll get back on the board. He's been kicked out once and the members all know what Spags and his cronies did to us. I'm sure they won't be making those mistakes…"
1 hour ago
Big Dave replied to Hamish Williams's discussion 'Eels training facility taking shape'
"Considering the State Government has failed to deliver on many of their infrastructure promises I have concerns that Stage 2 and 3 will even occur.  It is ironic that Stage 1 is occurring three months prior to an election! …"
1 hour ago
Muttman replied to Hamish Williams's discussion 'Eels training facility taking shape'
"Dave it's only stage 1 at this point. Basically the fields and some basic amenities. The gym etc remains where it is at Parra Stadium. The full plans as you have described haven't been approved as yet. It is all planned to happen in stages…"
2 hours ago
Alan Hunt commented on jamesy's photo

Emperor denis

"lol well done."
2 hours ago
LB posted a discussion

2015 debutants

2015 will be big year for young kids, who will be banging the door down to play FG, waiting for injuries, rep selections or bad performances to get their foot in the door. But there are so many, which ones will be picked, you have:Matterson, Dockar-Clay, Folau, Aloai, Alvaro, Goodall, Davis, Twal and Lavaka all looking for a spotMatterson is a guarantee and so is ZDC, who will get a go somewhere, Folau and Goodall will fight it out for a back-up wing/center spot.Alvaro is my smoky. I could see…See More
2 hours ago
Corey Bechara replied to Bert Kenny's discussion 'Arthur determined to get his man'
"I mean what position is he e.g fullback or halfback and if he is contracted to a nrl club"
2 hours ago
ɗaṜĶz - commented on jamesy's photo

Emperor denis

"~ classic !!"
2 hours ago
Snake ' The Peoples Poet ' commented on jamesy's photo

Emperor denis

"He certainly is an old sith lord jamesy."
2 hours ago

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