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Unicorn question - Why shouldn't BA be sacked

By Chief. Last reply by My Bob 16 hours ago. 116 Replies

For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur. Why shouldn't BA released ?Continue

Official game day blog

By Phil Datrofycabnit. Last reply by Phil Datrofycabnit on Friday. 92 Replies

Tonight we see two teams come together, one on the bottom of the ladder, one very near the top.Should be a good game with the eels coming off a rare win.Key match up, Inglis vs Jennings.It's Jennings' 250th game, should be a good one.Betting odds…Continue

BA’s tough problem

By 1Eyed Eel. Last reply by Avenger on Thursday. 79 Replies

"Tough footy" is BA's calling card. Anyone who bothers to listen to his press conferences will have heard him use that word - 'tough' - a hundred times. Last night, in questioning his side’s attitude, he said something along the lines of "we…Continue

Round 15 Team List

By Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur. Last reply by Amanda on Thursday. 58 Replies

Parramatta Eels side1. Bevan French2. Josh Hoffman3. Michael Jennings4. Jarryd Hayne5. George Jennings6. Clint Gutherson (c)7. Corey Norman8. Daniel Alvaro9. Cameron King10. Peni Terepo11. Manu Ma’u12. Brad Takairangi13. Nathan BrownInterchange14.…Continue



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Nitram replied to Axel's discussion 'Do you want to play for the Eels?!?!?'
"Club has cash, training facilities, a new stadium, and plays out of the new centre of Sydney. That means players already based across Sydney may not need to move their families."
9 minutes ago
Sneaky Pete replied to Axel's discussion 'Do you want to play for the Eels?!?!?'
""Hi I'm Brad Arthur. Please come to Parra. I have a great sense of humour so no matter how many times you stuff up on the playing field I won't let that get in the way of being my good mate. Accountability??? Don't know the…"
9 minutes ago
robert maxwell replied to brissyeel's discussion 'Irvine Before the Court'
"the eels should get back there 12 points, and get most of the fines back."
13 minutes ago
Nitram replied to brissyeel's discussion 'Irvine Before the Court'
"Yep this was point at the time. As fans, who ultimately are the only people that matter, we deserved to know EXACT figures and to whom EXACTLY those figures were paid. But all we got was wishy-washy inconsistent unreliable media leaks. We needed to…"
13 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"BTW was talking about playmakers Gower strikes me as a smart player"
27 minutes ago
Premier2018 replied to Bazza ‘Captain Guth' B's discussion 'Eels launch internal probe'
"So an accountant is going to tell a football club why they are losing games. Mmm. Interesting logic. I would have thought an expert in Football would be needed for that problem."
29 minutes ago
Axel posted a discussion

Do you want to play for the Eels?!?!?

With a number of players exiting the club by year-end, the club is obviously trying to entice some new recruits to the Eels.Assuming BA is still managing this process, what do you think he would be saying to potential players in order to attract them to our wonderfully-not-so-successful club?PS: this blog is purely for comic relief only.See More
31 minutes ago
Frank The Tank replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"Lol.....very good Daz"
38 minutes ago
Alan "smooth figs" Hunt replied to Bazza ‘Captain Guth' B's discussion 'Eels launch internal probe'
"Lol using a Mike Hunt joke and calling other people Phucktards. The ironing is delicious."
40 minutes ago
Poppa replied to Poppa's discussion 'Internal Review is being undertaken....let them finish it before destoying it'
"Heisen, you are a reasonable person (on occasions)....read the blog again and try and digest what is said!"
51 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"What makes you think Guth is a smart player He is a great role model but that is different"
54 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"Cameron Smith... know when to take the two or take the tap know when to grind and wear your opponent down and when the time is ripe for an attacking move know how to get the refs on side"
55 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"That is what I meant by instinct  Bevan shows it too "
57 minutes ago
Enforcer Eel replied to Bear's discussion 'Ferguson to the knights, Mansour to Roosters ?'
"Of course Fergo playin ok, look at the backline around him, his forwards go forward, has smart halves. Then look at our squad!"
59 minutes ago
Daz Sul replied to Bazza ‘Captain Guth' B's discussion 'Eels launch internal probe'
"I hope they heat up the probe on hot coals first."
1 hour ago
Tragiceel replied to Bear's discussion 'Ferguson to the knights, Mansour to Roosters ?'
1 hour ago
ShatteredEel replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"Gutherson without doubt. "
1 hour ago
nudger replied to Bear's discussion 'Ferguson to the knights, Mansour to Roosters ?'
"another case of a good player in a position we need and we just sit on our hands"
1 hour ago
Daz Sul replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion 'Who is the smartest Eels player'
"Kieren Foran. Got out as quick as he could....."
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Joseph's discussion 'Sarantinos internal probe?'
"But he’s not conducting the review on his own Mutt, it just said he’s leading it. To me that says he’s going to have others with a variety of skills and experience involved "
1 hour ago

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