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Watmough could now stay at manly

By Eel_master-23. Last reply by charles wayne 35 seconds ago. 54 Replies

DCE back in the frame?

By 1Eyed Eel. Last reply by Frank 'Hiesenberg' Tank 1 minute ago. 36 Replies

Why are people so harsh on Hoppa?

By Electric Eel. Last reply by Jiver 3 hours ago. 52 Replies

The question that will decide who plays 1 for the Eels in 2015

By Captain R.Morgan (C) #TheEeldeal. Last reply by Jimmy 9 hours ago. 80 Replies

Sterlo on All Things Parramatta ...

By miatch. Last reply by xX Parramatta Eels Xx 15 hours ago. 89 Replies

Brett Stewart vs Will Hopoate

By 1Eyed Eel. Last reply by xX Parramatta Eels Xx 15 hours ago. 110 Replies


By Snake ' The Peoples Poet '. Last reply by DR WONG.MD BSA AGG 23 hours ago. 60 Replies



Latest Parramatta Eels News

Hayne quits Eels and Rugby League

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 11:13am 7 Comments

Parramatta captain and reigning Dally M medalist Jarryd Hayne has sensationally quit the Parramatta Eels to take a crack at playing NFL.

The full Eels announcement:


Dyldam Parramatta Eels fullback Jarryd Hayne has today advised Chairman Steve Sharp, CEO Scott Seward, Head Coach Brad Arthur and his teammates that he will pursue a long-held dream of playing NFL in the United…


Latest Activity

Frank 'Hiesenberg' Tank replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"FFS. Sorry how could I forget the great Darrell Williams."
1 minute ago
Xman posted a discussion

Morris. Officially a dog

Just been sent to all sponsors
3 minutes ago
slip replied to Gem KM's discussion 'Eels Member Council'
"Is it like the movie old school."
6 minutes ago
macybrown replied to Eel_master-23's discussion 'Watmough could now stay at manly'
" I liked it when Sharpe said something along the lines of, players will need to WANT to play for this club in future. I took it to mean that they come for the right reasons and we don't pay more than what they are worth to lure them…"
6 minutes ago
Snake ' The Peoples Poet ' replied to Gem KM's discussion 'Eels Member Council'
"Feces, youre in the army of god you merkin, marching as one to the holy grail, let me know when you get there."
7 minutes ago
Mapik replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"Foran for me the much preferred option but I would be happy as if we were to land either."
8 minutes ago
Ham Sammich replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"In the modern game as a half is a half. They play left and right, none of this halfback and 5/8 bs that went out nearly a decade ago. You generally have one that is a dominant kicker though."
22 minutes ago
Mapik replied to jpav's discussion 'Parramatta Eels to extend coach Brad Arthur's deal / Foran , Watmough Talk'
"What side of the field does he play on?"
23 minutes ago
Kramerica replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"What are you talking about Frank?? No top liner will ever come from Manly to Parra?? Obviously you have forgotten about Daryl Williams and Ian Gately :)"
54 minutes ago
Bert Kenny replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"And we don't lose Foran to as many rep games as we would DCE, that hurt us a lot with Hayne?"
1 hour ago
Bert Kenny replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"I think it comes down to, What do we need more? A half or  a five-eight?? I think a five-eight and keep Sandow, along with ZDC future"
1 hour ago
Eeldarado replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"LOL Penn is not stupid his decision will be heavily influenced from club legends like Fulton and co and they will do everything to keep DCE and Foran together! They will lose Watmough and Stewert"
1 hour ago
Ron replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
1 hour ago
Bert Kenny replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"so some drugs cheap around Castle Hill 2015??"
1 hour ago
1Eyed Eel replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"Look the only reason, I'd rather Foran is long-term I still have a massive opinion of ZDC and I think he'd perfectly complement Foran. I think DCE probably has a higher ceiling than Foran, it's still unknown how he'd respond in a…"
1 hour ago
Xman replied to sixtiesboy's discussion 'Bert kenny - time to tell'
"It's been great entertainment, at least it's better than other topics where people just b**** and moan. From all the suggestions and hints and comments back from bert but most importantly from his lack of response that I think it is as…"
1 hour ago
Frank 'Hiesenberg' Tank replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"Its Foran everyday of the week for me. Call me skeptical, a denier or just down right negative, I just don't think ANY topline Manly player will ever come to us. History shows this to be correct. Other clubs, like Manly, seem to have an easier…"
1 hour ago
Kramerica replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"Yeah I see your point Bert, Foran comes across as a real team man - DCE comes across as a total tosser... Foran has earnt the respect of his peers - don't know if I could say the same for DCE."
1 hour ago
Rusty Nail replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"DCE is not a good choice for Eels. Foran is a better prospect."
1 hour ago
hindy replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'DCE back in the frame?'
"Lets just hope we sign someone, because we are going to look like idiots should they all turn us away"
1 hour ago

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