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I've had a chat to some of my sources in the club regarding the state of the internal review, how it's structured and how the heads of the review are approaching it. 

Make no mistake, big changes will occur as a result of this review from what I've heard, possibly even some changes regarding coaching staff (unlikely it will affect the head coaching position for 2019).

So, in summary, here's what I've heard from people in the club:

Shane McCurry is focusing on club structures as well as the culture at the club. Why is this important? McCurry was in charge of that facet of the Richmond Tigers AFL review following their 2016 season where they finished 13th. Instead of sacking the coach following that season, they conducted a review, made changes to support staff and in 2017 they won the AFL Premiership.

Greg Brentnall, the former Bulldogs player, is conducting a review of our junior development pathways. Brentnall, following his playing career, joined the Melbourne Storm as an assistant coach before becoming their football development manager. He's responsible for the establishment of their junior base in Victoria which has produced the likes of Garteh Widdop (He came to Australia as a teenager and was part of Melbourne's junior system) and Mahe Fonua and he also helped establish the Storm's Queensland system which has helped them attract players such as Inglis, Slater, Cronk, Smith and Munster.

As I understand it, every week a summary of that week's review is presented to the board to update them on the direction the review is going. From what I've been told, all playing and coaching staff have been interviewed with other staff members still to be interviewed and a number of external, benchmarking interviews are still to be undertaken. 

The players have wholly bought into the review, as have the coaching staff, seeing it as an opportunity to point them in the right direction for next season.

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Thanks for that update Super.  To me the way that they are progressing in the review and each one of the 3 have specific are where they are working in, the weekly report also gives pointers to the direction the club is heading.

Re Brentnall. The way you have written your post    . Brentnall, following his playing career, joined the Melbourne Storm as an assistant coach before becoming their football development manager.   Seems to imply he is still at the Storm in that role,

Is he still working with the Storm as an assistant coach? if so, I wonder how he could be impartial in this review?

Thanks Super.

Love to know more about player recruitment, there’s half the problem!!!
Brian smith will be head of football operations Adam dykes will be attacking coach kidwell will he punted for Andrew McFadden who is coming back to Sydney.
D*** ed

I'm impressed with the approach.

It seems to me that we needed this to be done, even if we were leading the comp this year. It is a natural process with the new admin and the complete cleanup is a LOGICAL piece of management for any business.

I am amazed the amount of people who will step up and say it is a waste of time and we already know what the problems are etc.

You watch to see the naysayers come in on this blog with also sorts of detrimental comments.

Business planning is always frustrating to the people that have not been asked to participate i.e. the fans and why should they.....their role is to look at the results and made to feel comfortable with the direction that is undertaken.

I am surprised in some ways that it is as transparent as it appears.

The process from what I can tell (which is not easy being 1000km away) is very thorough and professional and continues to have my full support with no questions at this stage.

Thanks for keeping us informed Super.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Let’s hope the whole process is well managed 

Sorry i dont see big changes as a few coaching staff leaving sorry super, that should be happening no matter what.

Greg Brentnall for anybody thats interested.

As always Snake, the whinging old fool is yelling at the clouds again. I notice less and less people are showing any support for your drivel.
Again....fmd try something new....please

I'm not currently excited about this review at all.

Until it concludes and we see what action (if any) is taken it means absolutely f all.

I support the review (cautiously) but, until we see actual results and actions it is nothing more than alot of hot air - something we have all become very used to lately.

It's like a Royal Commission - all very impressive but the proof of the pudding is what actually comes of it in the end.

I wait with bated breath :)


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