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Team line up R 1 - Hayne Fullback - it's simple.

1. Hayne will not play centre - he has been one of the most outstanding fullbacks of the modern Era.

2. Forget about French at fullback for the time being - his defense and anticipation aren't yet in the Hayne league. French has a natural finishing flair, and has been a try scoring freak every time he's been given the wing jersey.

3. Gutherson has only just started running in straight lines. After two recos, he will be nursed back into the centres, and probably not until rounds 4-8.

4. Hayne’s defence at the back in 2014 was absolutely outstanding. He'll get back to where he was fitness wise because he wants to be at Parramatta.
Hayne will be our fullback for at least the next 3-4 years in my opinion.

R 1 Lineup

1. Hayne
2. French
3. Jennings
4 Takairangi
5. Kirisome
6. Norman
7. Moses
8. Mannah
9. King
10. Evans
11. Manu
12. Moeroa
13 Brown

14. Matagi
15. Edwards
16. Alvaro
17 Terepo

* Beu Scott hasn't been sighted four weeks into the new preseason, not sure what's happening there ?
Has he retired ?

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I'm in, what do you want to bet Hayne won't be our fullback?
You’d win that bet Mack
Is that bet for round 1 only he may not start the year there but he will finish it at fullback
1 Guth
2 French
3 Jennings
4 Hayne
5 Taka
6 Norman
7 Moses
8 Vave
9 King
10 Evans
11 Edwards
12 Pritchard
13 Brown
14 Mau
15 Moeroa
16 Williams
17 Matagi
Got to be
Surely as mod you can delete dumb posts..
Hayne will not be our fullback when Gutho is back to fitness. Guth is our number 1.
I kno you look and see I must be crazy but hear me out....
Taka - next to Hayne, has great brain and ball sense, take a high ball
Williams - used as a prop BA will bring his damage back
Pritchard n Edwards for size n mongrel
Vave n Evan size
Mau n Moeroa off bench bring back their ball playing n offloads to tired defence
Terepo Scott Pritchard K Nuikore back up
I’m with you Chief. I like both Bevan and Gutho but Jarryd at the back, fit and in form is a no brainer.
Hayne in form?
Atm both Gutho and French are ahead of him for fullback. That may change as the year goes by, but Hayne won't have the form to push either out.
Hayne will play centre- simple


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