Samantha Knight killer Michael Guider to be released from jail

Convicted killer and paedophile Michael Guider is set to walk free from Long Bay prison in NSW on Thursday following an extraordinary battle by the Attorney-General to keep him in jail.

To a deflated audience of his victims in public gallery of Darlinghurst Supreme Court, Judge Richard Button on Tuesday ruled the serial offender, convicted of killing Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight 33 years ago, will be subjected to a strict five-year supervision order beginning September 5.

“I have imposed a five-year supervision order of great stringency,” Justine Button told the court.

Michael Guider could be released on Thursday after a judge rejected an application to keep him behind bars.Michael Guider could be released on Thursday after a judge rejected an application to keep him behind bars.


Guider was due for release on June 6 after serving 17 years behind bars for the manslaughter of the nine-year-old Bondi schoolgirl.

The NSW government earlier this year launched a bid to keep him locked up for a further 12 months.


CHAPTER 1: How inmate helped catch killer Michael Guider

CHAPTER 2: Seven year battle to bring Michael Guider to justice

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He will be subjected to 56 conditions of the strict extended supervision order, including wearing an electronic monitoring tag, providing a weekly schedule of movements three days in advance, and he cannot go to cinemas, libraries, museums, schools and pre schools without prior approval from his supervisor.

He is also barred from visiting places providing sexual entertainment and must take prescribed anti libidinal medication.

Outside court Samantha’s mother Tess Knight told of her “anger” at the decision to release him saying: “While there is some consolation he will be subjected to a strict supervision order, this is not about punishments, this is about prevention.

Samantha Knight disappeared from Bondi in 1986.Samantha Knight disappeared from Bondi in 1986.Tess Knight addresses the media. Picture: AAPTess Knight addresses the media. Picture: AAP

“He is still considered sufficiently dangerous, even under supervision.

“The people he abused as young children are now adults and have to live with the thought of him walking around, having the freedom they don’t have, while they have a life sentence.”

Justice Button’s judgment statement read: “while it could not be said definitely that I am completely convinced his attraction (sex attraction to children) has completely disappeared, the defendant has done all that can be done in terms of rehabilitation in a prison setting.

Tess Knight says she’s angry at the decision. Picture: AAPTess Knight says she’s angry at the decision. Picture: AAP

“Three experts highly experienced in psychology and psychiatry all agreed the defendant’s risks can be reasonably managed under a stringent and lengthy system of supervision within the community.

“A further period of incarceration would not serve any rehabilitative purpose,” he said.

“It is a process of assessment of risk with regard to what he may do in the future.”

The Attorney-General Mark Speakman was today seeking urgent legal advice on the prospects of launching an appeal to overturn the end of continuing detention order and keep Guider in jail while an appeal is heard.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman is seeking legal advice.NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman is seeking legal advice.

“My heart goes out to Samantha Knight’s family, it’s bad enough to lose a child, let alone not be able to give them a proper burial, “Mr Speakman said

“This offender has shown no remorse, this is a tragic set of circumstances,“ he added.

Guider will live in a halfway house attached to his jail and would be monitored 24/7.

“The extended supervision order is of the most stringent and vigourous in the country, it’s number one priority is to keep the community safe,” Mr Speakman said.

“I would’ve liked to have seen Guider stay in jail an extra year but we lost that fight today.

“Rest assured we will be leaving no stone unturned to keep Guider in jail.”

Mr Speakman earlier this year launched a bid to keep Guider locked up for a further 12 months.

Guider has completed 55 therapeutic maintenance programs in jail.

Samantha vanished from her beachside Bondi unit in 1986.

Samantha Knight was aged 9 when she died.Samantha Knight was aged 9 when she died.

Guider made a mockery of the youngster’s disappearance when first interviewed by police blaming it on UFOs, witches, white slavery or time warps.

He confessed he gave Samantha an overdose of sleeping pills so he could molest her and “take happy snaps,” the court previously heard.

The gardener was already serving a 16-year sentence imposed in 1996 for some 66 crimes against 11 children when he was arrested in 2001.

Mr Speakman sought a five-year extended supervision earlier this year with granted conditions that also state Guider cannot change his name or appearance, he must live at an address between 10pm and 6am and cannot spend the night away from home without approval from his supervision officer.

He must not possess or use illegal drugs or unprescribed medication, or drugs.

He must attend courses for drug rehabilitation and cannot have contact with anyone under 18 or visit camping grounds, schools, playgrounds or pools.

Police search for the body of Samantha Knight.Police search for the body of Samantha Knight.

He must make himself available for employment but must not start volunteer work or an educational course without permission.

If he starts a sexual relationship, or joins clubs, he must tell his supervisor.

Guider has never applied for, or entered submissions to the parole board, requesting early release since he was sentenced in August 2002 to a maximum of 17 years in prison for the crime.

Guider’s lawyer Mathew Johnston had earlier argued Guider should be released under a strict extended supervision order given he had engaged in rehabilitation and had the trust of NSW Corrective Services complying with 20 supervised day releases.

Outside court Lisa Giles, whom Guider systematically abused for years, said she felt bitterly let down by the court system.

“Hold your children close,” she said, adding, “He will be released among us this week, it’s not over, we can see the inadequacies of the justice system this week — he will reoffend.”


Convicted serial paedophile Michael Guider is a frightened man

The former gardener at Royal North Shore Hospital has clung onto hope he will be released from Long Bay prison for kidnapping, drugging and molesting schoolgirl Samantha Knight without any supervision order restrictions on June 6 — but secretly fears adjusting to life on the outside.

Michael Guider is a frightened man.Michael Guider is a frightened man.

Inside the north west corner of the jail where paedophiles are incarcerated the sex offender lives a safe existence working as a visitor sweeper in the canteen and tipping out bins in refuge collection area outside his wing.

“He looks past the barbed wire fence when he empties out the bins and dreams of freedom but has said many a time he fears that what’s beyond the fence incapacitates him, he’s been inside for so long now,” a prison source said.

Guider has completed an archaeological degree while serving his 17-year sentence as well as a degree in palaeontology which he hopes to pursue further with a PhD.

“He wants to become a doctor in the study of human bones but he’s worried about what people will think of him when he gets out,” the source added.


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    • Note how lefties are never outraged by these things,  you will never see them protest about these kinds of injustices  instead they protest for the rights of illegal immigrants and weirdos. 

    • Snake my old man proposed years ago that the proper punishment for any child sex related grub be to have them placed in a nice dry thatch hut. Their testicles are then to be nailed to a heavy wooden table with rusty old nails. The perpetrator is then to be left with an extremely blunt, very rusty, butter knife. When left alone the thatch hut is to be set on fire. Burn to death or hack your nuts off off yourself, your choice. If you choose hack and make it out alive, hang the bastard anyway.


    • Snake we no longer live in the Dark Ages!

      • Monteel, 

        We may no longer in the dark ages, but some of us are more enlightened than others and no longer believe in 2000 year old stories, supposedly written by Jewish uneducated people and rejected by the Jewish people themselves who belief in even older fairy tales'

        • Kieth, you get so many facts wrong it's more than laughable! The Jewish people believe in ALL the Old Testament which makes quite a number of the book you call a fairytale! There are also a vast majority of Messianic Jews who believe and adhere to those the old and new testament which again you call a fairytale. Can you tell me Kieth the name of any other fairytale book that's been banned in countries over the world, or been burned, or where people for reading it or being in possession of it have been beaten,  imprisoned, burnt at the stake, fed to lions, crucified ? Please tell me Kieth. It amazes me Keith for a person who disbelieves in God calls the Bible a fairytale why do you bother questioning it? If so you really don't believe you wouldn't waste your time. 

  • Despite the atrocities this man has done if  the justice system and the medical specialists are comfortable with their decisions then He deserves the opportunity to prove the system has changed him. I feel for ALL involved.

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