• Ray Price sounded so fried when he was speaking. My young bloke wants to play league next year, jury is still out for me if I let him. 

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      • Shit poppy, that was a bit harsh. Feel free to have a crack at me, but taking a dig at the intelligence of my son is a bit low.

        • He is a genius (Price) in my opinion Maggie, no insult intended.

          Here's a bit of background; with that record do you think we would have todays commentators talking about an immortal......compared to say meninga, johns, langlands?????



          Premierships: 1981-83, 1986
          Kangaroo Tours: 1978, 1982
          Rothmans Medal: 1979
          Rugby League Week Player of the Year: 1979, 1985
          Dally M Medal: 1982
          Dally M Lock of the Year: 1982-86
          Harry Sunderland Medal: 1979
          Rated No. 52 in Rugby League Week’s Top 100 players: 1992
          Named in NRL Team of the 1980s: 2004


    • Maggie, I ended up watching the show and agree it was pretty powerful and whilst I don't have any answers, I don't think there is much more they could say or do......obviously they AFL players are going for a class action suit and that will be a case that sets the future for the Rugby codes as well.

      PS Ray Price has been outspoken like that all his life and whilst I can understand you saying he was fried, I don't believe he was. Interesting he said he has never been knocked out.......If someone had asked that question of me about Ray, I would have said 30 to 40 times, but he is the only one that knows.......I must admit I have never seen him leave the field for one of those famous state's of semi conscious he regularly attained i.e. he was always back on his feet and ripping and tearing after 5 minutes out on his back.

      I would love one of the Rugby League players to have stood up and said......" I hope the audience understands this is the toughest man that has ever laced up a boot in any football code" ......and yes I know that is saying something.....tell me any other player in history that could have played 80 minutes with an ACL (v's Newtown 81 Grand Final).

      • My earliest memory of the eels is my old man making me watch the 86 GF. When pricey and crow were chaired off, my old man was crying. So, either dad love them, or he had a horrible foreboding of the priemership drought to come :)

      • Concussions were poorly understood in Ray's day. Given the era and position he played in, he likely had a number of concussions, especially when you take into the fact players like Matty Johns said he had about 10 or so through his career.

        But concussions aren't the biggest issue here. The biggest issue is repeated sub-concussive impacts. Those hits that rattle you but don't give you a complete concussion. It's like a boxer taking small jabs throughout a fight. The more of those they take the higher chance of a KO. What Dr. Omalu found was that those repeated minor head traumas had more of an impact on later quality of life than the larger, more infrequent hits. 

        I do know that the NRL is actually seen as one of the better concussion managers in professional sport. Their HIA system and protocol is seen as one of the most stringent and most closely abides by the recommendations from medical professionals. It's also why I don't think we'll see a class action against the NRL. Unlike the NFL, as far as we know, the NRL has tried to address the long term impacts of concussions as soon as they became aware of them.

        • Interesting stuff and Ray aside Super, you have written a good comment on what is a very serious issue.

          It raises so many questions in what is probably the hardest contact sport there is......I can see a day when we will have very little junior rugby league being played with the present rules, until the commercial read gladiatorial contests make it a viable decision to play the sport. Rugby Union will face this problem as well and if you read that article that Maggie linked, Aussie Rules is not out of the fire either.

          The first class action in Australia will probably be Aussie Rules and watch for the vultures coming in, if there is any success in their suits.

    • Given your part of the current education system Maggie, your son will probably be never as smart as Ray Price...that still leaves scope for him to be a professor and parra's second ever best player.

      (Is that a bit kinder, but I still don't rate the education system.....maybe the school of hard knocks could get him up there Lol)

      • What would you change poplet?

        • You to start with LOL

This reply was deleted.

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Has anyone heard if Corey harawira naera is being chased by parramatta for 2021. Apparently west tigers, Canberra and parramatta all interested. This is all subject to being cleared by the NRL. peni terpo and Daniel Alvaro close to signing with…

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