• For those who continue to suck off BA, please see the below FACTS and please explain your unwaivering support of this coaching clown.

    1. Sit 8th by a miracle 12pts -23 F/A

    2. Worst defence in the comp -296 points.

    3. We’ve won 6 lost 7 but let’s see who we’ve beaten and where they sit on the ladder.

    Panthers 10pts, played them back into form a few weeks back, sitting in 14th currently.

    Saints 10pts lost 5 on the trot, sitting in 13th

    Dogs 6pts, running dead last 16th

    Tigers 12pts, playing like bustards coming 10th

    Sharks 16pts, decimated by injury when we played them round 4, sitting 6th currently.

    Rabbits 20pts, decimated by injury and origin last week, sitting in 2nd currently.

    Now in all honesty, looking at the above FACTS, how anyone can claim that we are going ok so far beggars belief. Only a complete nuffy with zero idea of rugby league could state otherwise. We’ve only beaten sides below us in the ladder or sides not able to field a competitive side and depleted because of injury/origin.

    We are going like bustards and tbh, only a few more bad games away from sliding down the ladder to where we rightfully belong. BA will not turn the side around any time soon, I just can’t see it.

    • Combine that with our stats last year that were the worst in the clubs history, its just diabilical that this man still mas a job.

      Theres zero accountability at the club, even after a bullshit review nothings changed.

      Wheres all the unicorn dopes who argued what great results we'd have this year because of it?

      • The whole review finding came down to the conclusion that it was Corey Norman's fault we were running dead last.

        Worst defence last year, worst defence this year.

  • Our form so far is like having fallen from the Sydney Harbour Bridge having avoiding being killed on impact, not been eaten by the sharks and not drowning we've found a bundle of $1000 to spend on booze, coke and hookers.

  • We won't stay there unless our defence improves. And could even win another spoon.

    Because all 19 wooden spooners, from 2000, have all been in the bottom four defensive teams - and at the end of R13 we have the 2nd worst defence in the competition.

    Our defence is now worse than last year (conceding 22.7ppg versus 21.7ppg) when we won the spoon.

    In round 6 we were coming 5th and had conceded 97 points (16.2 ppg). The best start since 1986 with the 3rd best defence, and 2nd best attack. That's where you have to be to win a premiership. Since 2000, 15 out of last 19 grand finals were won by top 3 defences (14 of those are top 2), or the top 3 attacks with reasonable defence (Cowboys 2015, Tigers 2005, Penrith 2003, Knights 2001).

    The wheels have fallen off. And we are now a long way off the pace.

  • It really ain't looking good going forward. WTF is wrong with this club. Year after year it's the same thing over & over. We change coaches, we change players, we even change the board but the same result. What the hell is in the drinking water in Parramatta. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

  • 9 lives gone. Thank you Tigers 

This reply was deleted.

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MontoEel replied to Parrapete's discussion EELS MEMBERSHIP PACKS
"I think the administration or whoever is responsible for the contents of the membership packs need to start thinking outside the box and make the packages more creative and give people a bit more incentive and rewards for being loyal supporters. "
2 hours ago
Muttman replied to Parrapete's discussion EELS MEMBERSHIP PACKS
"The cap post/ pick-up situation is nonsense.  I have 6 memberships. 4 ticketed, (2 adults, 2 kids). And 2 non-ticketed (both kids).  The club sent all the merch in one big bag addressed to my young Nephew (not me who pays for all of it).  The bag…"
3 hours ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Parrapete's discussion EELS MEMBERSHIP PACKS
"Yeh members who maintained their membership last year are receiving a free training shirt from Macron."
4 hours ago
Offside replied to Parrapete's discussion EELS MEMBERSHIP PACKS
"Obviously the tickets are my main interest
But the pack itself is just the worst I've seen"
6 hours ago
Coryn Hughes replied to Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur's discussion New Signings: Nathaniel Roache
"I remember when I first joined this place a few years back now I mentioned this guy as a go get but as mentioned he's had a horrid run of injuries.He's been on the cusp for what seems like forever made all the teenage teams in NZ.But just hasn't…"
6 hours ago
Sir Col "THE NODDY MUSHROOM" replied to Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur's discussion New Signings: Nathaniel Roache
"This could come back to playing different players against different teams HOE.
Faster more mobile pack or strong middle.
Say Bushy develops around 20 players (give or take) on rotation, both bench and run on could change match to match.
Develop a…"
6 hours ago
Hell On Eels replied to Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur's discussion New Signings: Nathaniel Roache
"The only concern I have with adding Cartwright on the bench along with either Lussick/Roache (oneday) is exposing our middle.
We saw last year when Junior/RCG and/or Brown were off we became vulnerable, especially with the increasing speed of the…"
6 hours ago
brissyeel replied to Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur's discussion New Signings: Nathaniel Roache
"Bingo, 100% correct in all you say Wong. I agree with the hopes BA has realised that we need that 14. on the bench that can play hooker or halves in a pinch. Unfortunately, the Stone experiment there was not a success as his DH service was terrible.…"
7 hours ago
Parrapete replied to Parrapete's discussion EELS MEMBERSHIP PACKS
"You are right Kram. It is part of the thank you we got for not askinjg for a refund. It is a training shirt which I think will have your name on it."
8 hours ago
est_88 replied to Axel's discussion Eels article on
"He did played with su'a, in the video he offloads a ball to him. "
8 hours ago
Bourbon Man replied to Axel's discussion Eels article on
"Hmm, he's a King's Boy. May have played with that kid from Souths (now at the Roosters) that everyone raves about."
8 hours ago
Trent replied to Axel's discussion Eels article on
"He will be in the 30 this year"
8 hours ago
Tad replied to Mr Analyst loves Rugbah Leeg's discussion A Stag of a Rumour
"Can Mr Google be trusted?
Ordering a Pizza in 2022



Is this Pizza Hut?



No sir, it's Google Pizza.



I must have dialed a wrong number, sorry.



No sir, Google bought Pizza Hut last month.

8 hours ago
Sir Col "THE NODDY MUSHROOM" replied to Axel's discussion Eels article on
"That is one gawd almighty big left step he has there. 
The cynic in me says let's see if he can go on with it in the higher grades."
8 hours ago
LB replied to Axel's discussion Eels article on
Here is a link to footage of him playing Rugby last year, gives you a glimpse of his potential"
8 hours ago
Kramerica replied to Little old lady's discussion Family Superstitions.
"Always have a pre game before heading to the game. It renders the mind cleared and focused."
9 hours ago

The Economy.

I have just watched the news covering the virus world wide. One expert said we haven,t got to the peak of the damage the virus has caused and that there are very real chances that the vaccine may mutant to another variant which will not be…

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73 Replies · Reply by Prof. Daz Jan 12
Views: 492



Hi everyoneI got my tickets and member pack today, and for a guy who has been a member since 1986, and a platinum member, the stuff sent put is pretty crappy tbh. Very tinny. All will be binned. No scarf, even though I have a few, and the cap is…

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9 Replies · Reply by MontoEel 2 hours ago
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Eels article on

Does this mean we will fill the vacant spots in the 30 from our junior ranks? 'Chirpy' Fergo fending off youngsters in Eels backline raceAuthor Chris Kennedy ReporterTimestamp    Tue 19 Jan 2021, 06:00 PMShare on social mediaParramatta…

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8 Replies · Reply by est_88 8 hours ago
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