Well here we are its grand final day and it marks the end of another season and I thought I would just reflect o n seasons gone by 

I miss the old times of when you would have the old backyard Barbie with the family and selected mates and get half cut before the 3 o'clock kickoff 

When beer was full flavoured and full of hops .not the chemical made crap of today .AHH give me the old KB or DA any day 

When all this climate change talk was not an issue and people did not push their beliefs down  each other's throats one way or the other

When the warm and fuzzy brigade did not get their knickers in a Knott when some of us have said we dont go for female commentators or female Refs and touch judges .AHH bring Back Frank Hyde Rexy Ferris Ashton Alan Clackson .Hollywood Hartley .that tall cheating bastard from up north that used to referee the state of origin the grasshopper Gomersal .Ahh  the good old day's. But in saying all that I'll still watch the game tonight .just hope that its a good game .WHO to win dont really care as i dont go much on either team .just good luck to both teams and may the best team wins on its own merits and with out to much controversy and finally i just wish everbody and their family's a safe and happy grand final Day .but i still miss the good old days


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  • Some of the things I miss about the good old days.

    Girls didn’t have tattoos and never ever said f**k.

    I miss cruising with the missus and sitting on the deck sipping on a flurry duck.

    I miss being incredibly handsome.

    I miss doing my arse on the Indian Dreaming poker machine  

    I miss playing footy but I don’t miss training.

    I miss not bothering about funeral insurance.

    But most of all I miss Supermaneel things are not as much fun without his clever and witty comments.


    • I miss cheap Resch's schooners at the pub and I miss Israel Folau religious posts on One Eyed Eel........NOT.

    • Well that’s a pretty fair assessment their twin they were good times hey

  • Those were the days Wongy - back when there were at least half a dozen hot dog vendors outside the ground flogging doggies from those stainless steel contraptions - 50 cents extra for cheese.

    Winfield Cup - Making The Big Game Bigger.

    Check out this photo of a packed out Parra Stadium.Eels v Roosters 1987. I'm the tall bloke in the '86 style Parra Jersey with number 3 on the back (crow). Check my sweet mullet :) .  I was 18 - the fella to my left is my best mate, we've been going to the footy together (with others) for over 30 years. We graduated from The Hill to the Thornett Stand in 1989.

    Have a great grand final day mate - cheers :)


    • Spot on Kram and the same to you bud

    • Did someone say hotdogs?

  • I miss the days where I could blow so hard that I would cripple women.

    • Happy days cousin Fong now that is going back

  • I miss the days when Telstra adds didn’t feature gay marriage. 

  • What's Blow mean ?

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RIDER replied to The True Parra fan's discussion Please explain
"I'm not happy that a team like the roosters who have been struck down with injury, get to bring in a decent player to help and only have to put up a contract for the remainder of the year. A figure no other team gets to do because they would normall…"
8 minutes ago
Tin Tim replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"All the Panthers points come in the first half, they come flying out of the gate & are very hard to stop. But in saying that I believe they can be beaten & would rather play them, than Melbourne or Sydney Roosters. Peaked to early, what’s that mean?…"
12 minutes ago
est_88 replied to GRUNTA's discussion Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels
"I was just saying on Friday I think there will be an upset in either the panthers game or our game. Panthers made light work of the raiders yesterday makes me extremely nervous now. Sharks by 4 MOM Johnson"
13 minutes ago
Kurupt OG replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"Did Api miss the game against us?"
19 minutes ago
Bob Smith replied to Nitram's discussion Are we due a flogging?
"That game is forever scarred in my memory. 
19 minutes ago
L3gEndTHECROWE3LS replied to GRUNTA's discussion Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels
"EELS by 12
MOM The King
And want to see RCG and PAulo run straight fatfitta"
19 minutes ago
paul taylor replied to GRUNTA's discussion Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels
"If there was ever a day to play tight tough, pressure, kick deep to corners, build pressure and roll the sleeves up then here it is. The sharks are attackers of teh football. They are not the sharks gritty defence teams of the Gallen era IMO.  If we…"
19 minutes ago
the eggman replied to Dean Widders Super Sub's discussion Rumour - Kane Evans
"When he's good he's good.He has played 35 games for us out of a possible 67 and he's probably been good for half of those.That's not value for money, and its definitely not the reason we are 10/12 this year,.However if he plays at his best for the r…"
21 minutes ago
Poppa replied to Nitram's discussion Are we due a flogging?
"That's 27 years ago Frankie, obviously the loose fit helps with your technique.... Lol
I would have thought with your background you probably were a "glad" wrap man before that!"
25 minutes ago
GRUNTA replied to GRUNTA's discussion Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels
"Eels by 10.
25 minutes ago
Bob Smith replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"Can you see a weak spot in the current Panthers' game? "
26 minutes ago
Nitram replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"The facts are the facts. Can Gutherson do what Hayne couldn't? Make up the difference for inexperienced, unproven halves. I don't think he can, nor should such a burden fall upon him.
I was highly critical of the Moses signing. Sure, I was well awar…"
30 minutes ago
Glen wilcox replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"That was my point Brett"
58 minutes ago
paul taylor replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"Penrith will easily finish Minor Premiers.  They are on top of their game and I can only see them losing once more if at all and that is against us . 
Panthers - Warriors (a), Sharks ( H) , West Tigers ( h) , Broncos ( a) , Parra ( h ) , Cowboys ( a…"
59 minutes ago
Shawn peters replied to DR WONG.MD BSA (THE SLUGG SLAYER's discussion KOTONI STAGGS.
"I know for a fact that he's been linked to the roosters and the rabbits already, it's in rugby league week"
1 hour ago
Goose replied to Tin Tim's discussion Penrith are the team to beat.
"The panthers first half was very different the thier second half. They looked great in the first half, everything went thier way. But the second half the raiders put it to them a bit and the points dried up. Teams are giving Cleary way too much time…"
1 hour ago


Game Day Blog - Sharks vs Eels

Well, this is a danger game for our Eels IMO. The Sharks are on a bit of a roll with 3 wins on the trot. The Eels also have won their past 3 games, but haven't exactly been convincing.I thought our opponents in the Bulldogs last week, were probably…

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4 Replies · Reply by est_88 13 minutes ago

Penrith are the team to beat.

Who watching the Panthers? Boy they are playing fantastic football, big quick outside backs, strong forwards, great in attack & defence. Smashing Canberra 24-0 at half time & Canberra ain’t playing bad, will we be ready for them? Who can stop them? 

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48 Replies · Reply by Tin Tim 12 minutes ago

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