• No


    • Why not Victoria is bad and sydney will record more covid . Inthink nrl will stop if covid still grows

      • 5 Tigers players & staff have to be tested because they live in COVID hotspots in Liverpool & Campbelltown.

        It really all depends on the Qld government. Whilst we can continue to play up here we’ll be fine. If I’m a Sydney based club CEO, I’m doing my homework on places in SEQ where the club could hole up in for the rest of the year if needed. 

  • No idea on either 

  • I think they'll move everyone to QLD and finish the comp there....probably in a couple of weeks.

  • If the season is cancelled there will be no winner. Can't be a winner if there's nothing to win 

  • I doubt it. If they're playing sport in Europe, where the pandemic is a lot worse, then we can play here. It may just mean all further matches end up behind closed doors.

    I don't get this idea that we need to move all the teams to one state and play there. If the players abide by Project Apollo regulations in their home city and are tested at least once a week then the risk of someone being infected is low. They're doing this in Europe, no competition is asking its teams to congregate in one area. Also, wouldn't all the teams being together raise the possibility of an infectious case being passed around if they are all together?

    The NRL competition will be played out this season.

  • Sydney and Melbourne are very different situations.

    Melbourne had an unknown outbreak, a systemic breach that went on for many weeks before alarm bells were raised. We're talking tens of culprits from hotel security (and the BLM march) that went back home and spread the virus unknowingly to many others. It exploded like wildfire as we know.

    Sydney is dealing with one super spreader from Melbourne. NSW Health has tracked all cases, forced thousands into isolation and increased testing in these areas. It's an outbreak but not on the scale of Melbourne. Not even close.

    Is the season at risk? Absolutely it is. As we've now seen all we need is one idiot who doesn't follow the rules and they can spread it to many people very quickly. 10 idiots can bring down the entire state and with it, the NRL. Fingers crossed even the idiots wouldn't want that.

    • Muttman, you're right that just a few idiots can cause problems. But it is not true that the BLM march in Melbourne is responsible for Melbourne's outbreak. Both contact tracing and genetic sequencing has shown one person at the March tested positive and later two others (who were not contagious at the time). Again, through contact tracing and genetic sequencing, the outbreak has been traced to quarantine breaches. Only Liberal Party aparatchniks, The Australian and Sky News make the BLM claim. 
      Why bother with this point? Because if we throw crowds under the bus we might obscure the more important point about securing isolation of cases. Inadequate isolation and quarantine breaches are the issue at present. The competition may need rely on smart isolation - Project Apollo - so failures in quarantine and isolation should get obscured by cheap political points about protests etc

  • What happened to the olympic site where they housed all the athletes in Sydney .there are a few venues around there if they wanted to isolate the players .

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