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Great game yesterday. Our right edge was really dominant yesterday against, arguably, the best left edge in the competition in Ado-Car and Olam. All credit to ferguson for his efforts as well. If, and I say if, without getting ahead of myself, we want to push for this years premiership, Tom Opacic does not come back into this line up. One of the most inactive centres in this completion. It's no surprise that both Queensland clubs pissed him off. Will Peninisi was really tough in defence. He dents the line whenever he has the ball and he also looks very slick with the ball in his hands. Having an experienced winger next to him in Ferguson is only going improve him more as a player. In saying that, he needs to play on so come next year, he's ready to go for a full season. For some reason, I just believe that BA will bring opacic back into this line up, I don't know why. Does anyone else agree that Peninisi shouldn't be dropped ? I believe our back line now is how it should be for the rest of this campaign. 

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  • Penisini will stay in the centres. He's crazy not to keep him there he hasn't conceded a try since coming in. He's defence is very good, he has great carries from our backend and he's agile, fast, strong and has great footwork.

    • Yes Penisini is our future. A young Michael Jennings. BA needs to stick with him.

  • Penisini definitely needs to hold that position. He is equally as good in defence and is miles ahead in attacking ability. I don't think BA will drop him for Opacic but if he does, that would be very concerning. 

  • Nothing BA does surprises me. I reckon he will bring Opacic back as well because the only reason Penisini is playing is because Opacic is injured. 
    Opacic is a quality player but he is a little too slow for NRL and is not in Penisini league. 

    • I agree. BA is a cut and paste coach. Tom will be back imo when he is ready, even though I think they should keep Will there

  • I never expected Penisini to do anything special in attack given how good Olam is at defending. Penisini still wanted to run hard at him. I cannot wait for Penisini to fully develop physically. He will have a great fend and tackle breaking ability. Defensively, Penisini really held his own. He is really powerful. Keeping Olam quite in a game is a very good achievement, espicially for a 3 game, 19 year old rookie. 

  • Opacic should come in but on the other side shifting Waqa to the wing. It is his preferred side. That is if his head is in the game after what has been a tough year for him. Dunster not quite ready for NRL finals.

    • That would be great.

    • Sorry but I don't agree. Opacic is terrible in all aspects of his game. Dunster dents the line on kick returns. Opacic never fends a player off and busts the line. 

      • Terrible? A bit over the top there, mate.

        I thought he was quite good. He held a centre position down all season until his brother died.

        He runs good lines and is solid in defence. Not the best attacking centre, but holds up his side.

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