Wighton rumours heat up as 'fantastic' option emerges.

It is not gossip per say but Ryan Girdler has mentioned that he think Wighton to Parramatta would instantly make us a threat. Well yeah, he is an Origin player, even better at Centre. Only issues are price and compensation. Let's say Wighton wants to come to Parramatta this year, Canberra would want someone of not immediately, Waqa Blake wouldn't cut yet i believe he would be one we offer up. I have never been against having Wighton as he is super talented, just was a bit here and there due to it being somewhat unrealistic. Is it as unrealistic as first believed? I mean sort of but not as much as first thought. If i had to pick i reckon he stays at Canberra squeezing more coin out of them.


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      • Well he can play Fullback if need to also.

        • Not convinced he's a starting fullback, but he's a footballer LB. He'd fill a hole for sure, only question mark is his fitness. He'd have to play a different role, he's not got the impact of Latrell, the pace of Tedesco, or the fitness of Gutho. Personally I think he should finish out his years as a lock. 

          • He is nowhere near the fullback he was at the start of his career, but to fill in for a game or two he could do. But that is if we even get within an arms length of getting him.

  • I dunno, I just don't see how he makes us better. I would much rather we invest in Russell & Dunster. He's like Moses, he knows this is his last big contract, he wants a max contract and I just don't see the value. Where woukd we play him ? His FB days are done I think, the only place he can play where you're going to get value is 6. 

    It's a pass for me. 

    • Centre we would absolutley get value. You could argue he is a better Centre, based on his Origin form.

      • But not for the money we'd have to pay to get him. 

      • Not for the big money he would want. His a good player but no x factor.

    • Interesting BA, I don't think he is leaving Canberra for a bigger contract. He had been on close to a Mil for years, being offered at minimum 900k to stay.

      If he stays in Canberra it's because he wants a big money deal.

      If he leaves it'll be because he could win a comp. Of the teams that could challenge I think he'd be best off playing Centre. 

      • The Dolphins have set aside $1.2m for him according to Bennett

    • This reply was deleted.
      • You've made that judgement on Dunster & Russell already have you ?

        I actually see enormous potential in both, and while Wighton is a fine player, I just don't think he would give us value for money under the cap playing in the centres. If we had to pay $1m plus for a centre, that will cost us someone, somewhere else more vital sooner rather later. 

        There's a reason teams don't pay that kind of money for a centre. 

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