Wighton rumours heat up as 'fantastic' option emerges.

It is not gossip per say but Ryan Girdler has mentioned that he think Wighton to Parramatta would instantly make us a threat. Well yeah, he is an Origin player, even better at Centre. Only issues are price and compensation. Let's say Wighton wants to come to Parramatta this year, Canberra would want someone of not immediately, Waqa Blake wouldn't cut yet i believe he would be one we offer up. I have never been against having Wighton as he is super talented, just was a bit here and there due to it being somewhat unrealistic. Is it as unrealistic as first believed? I mean sort of but not as much as first thought. If i had to pick i reckon he stays at Canberra squeezing more coin out of them.


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      • You've made that judgement on Dunster & Russell already have you ?

        I actually see enormous potential in both, and while Wighton is a fine player, I just don't think he would give us value for money under the cap playing in the centres. If we had to pay $1m plus for a centre, that will cost us someone, somewhere else more vital sooner rather later. 

        There's a reason teams don't pay that kind of money for a centre. 

  • Has there been talks already?

    It's strangely and yet delightfully suspicious that Parra announce they are looking for an X factor type of back that can considerably aid our chances and Wighton then comes out to look at his options in the market!

    • True, the we are wondering how we could afford him, well if we couldn't we wouldn't go for him. I wonder if it will just be a one year thing then he moves elsewhere in 2024?

    • Could just be taking advantage of the Parra recruiting talk to up his price. Canberra are rubbish, my bet is they throw the house at him to stay 

      • I hope so Gaz, they have some good players we could grab if they need to shed anyone to keep him!

        • Can't argue with that Jed, can only win pushing up Wightons contract 

      • I seriously lean towards us being used as pawns, agent knows we want strike, use Wighton as "He could play Centre to win a comp"

        Go back to Canberra and say "we are talking to Parra", Canberra give him 1.1mil or so.

  • A 30 year old who's best days are  way behind him and has always been overrated is not going to add shit to   Parramatta ,but the eels with the flops running them will pay him a million a year for the 5 years . 


    The day the eels actually target a genuine superstar player in their prime is the day Colgate make Steve Sharp the face of their brand .   

    • But we will not be finding or buying a superstar anytime soon, especially with most of our coin wrapped up one our 1, 6 & 7.

      Only way to do that is through pathways and develop one. Wighton at Centre is better than Waqa, simple as that. Look at all of our Centres at the club, other than Penisini, do you think Wighton is better than any other choice at Centre? Even better, do you think he is better than any Centre other than Joey Manu off contract this year? I think so.

      • LB do you actually know the  dipshits are that run Parramatta ? They will end up paying a million dollars for a 30 year old centre  who is nothing more than above average and they will give him a 4 year contract ,  the fact  the club does not have any other centres better than Blake is a disgrace considering how big their junior base is .


        Parramatta used to poor millions into development , they had more talent scouts around Australia and NZ than any other club  yet this board spends SFA so they can say " hey members we made x amount of profit this year " very easy to show a profit when you don't fucking  spend money on the  future of the club   6 years these flops have been in charge of  the club and the junior system is a joke .





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