Wighton rumours heat up as 'fantastic' option emerges.

It is not gossip per say but Ryan Girdler has mentioned that he think Wighton to Parramatta would instantly make us a threat. Well yeah, he is an Origin player, even better at Centre. Only issues are price and compensation. Let's say Wighton wants to come to Parramatta this year, Canberra would want someone of not immediately, Waqa Blake wouldn't cut yet i believe he would be one we offer up. I have never been against having Wighton as he is super talented, just was a bit here and there due to it being somewhat unrealistic. Is it as unrealistic as first believed? I mean sort of but not as much as first thought. If i had to pick i reckon he stays at Canberra squeezing more coin out of them.


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  • I dont have a problem, but the only reason he is moving away from Canberra could have two reasons.

    1. He wants to win a premiership - Then we are in the running

    2. If hes given up on that dream then its all about the money. - Dolphins


    My guess he will look like a vanilla flavoured coke.


    • Added to that BE, does he want to play Five-Eighth? Or is he happy playing Centre?

      Added to that, Dolphins offer upside in that they have money to offer, the lifestyle up there is great with weather and ocean, plus they have Wayne Bennett, they could make the 8 in 2024 with him there and challenge.

  • I reckon if he goes to Parramatta, they’re a good chance anyway, but I think he goes on an edge and stiffens up their edge defence and gives them that real presence out wide, because I think that’s what Parramatta lack at the moment.

    “I think they’ll be in very good shape.”

    This we need defensive consistency Wighton would provide that and he has a left foot but I'd only have him as a centre nowhere else in the backline.He'd add some real starch defensively so I agree with Girdler with those comments.

    • He is also best as a right Centre, where does Waqa play? Right Centre.

      I wonder if Ricky is a bitter type to let Wighton leave out spite 😂😂😂

      • Waqa plays left centre 

        • Actually I dont think Waqa plays - he shows up, and we will have his $550k to share around

          • Well that is true mate 

        • Yes you are right, my apologies I'm out of it a little tonight.

      • He plays left centre, but he doesn't know how to play..

    • Yep... agree, centre is his position at the eels. But he'll want to much money for a centre. In our side, with the coverage he'd provide for injuries I think he's worth overs though. Also think we'd be premiership material once lanes back. 

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