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Who would like us to keep next year

Daniel Alvaro Andrew Davis Beven French David Gower Clinton Gutheron Josh Hoffman George Jennings Greg Leleisiuao Manu Mau Reed Mahoney Tim Mannah Terpai Moeroa Mitchell Moses kasya Pritchard Brad Takairangi Peni Terepo Stefano Utoikamamanu

I like to keep

Daniel Alvaro, Beven French,Clinton Gutheron, Manu Mau Reed Mahoney

And if Terpai Moeroa and Peni Terepo have a great year like them to stay to

Who would you keep

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  • Your opinion to yourself hahha
  • I want the ones who are dominating their opposing numbers to stay, the rest can fuck off.

  • We need to place greater value on players who display integrity, leadership and effort, on and off the field.
    Obviously, there are a couple of potential unknowns here as they're quite young, but I would still love to see them have a crack.

    The players below ( order of priority) may not be dominating their opposition numbers right now, but I believe they can if surrounded by the right senior players and coaching staff.

    Clinton Gutherson
    Daniel Alvaro
    Manu Mau
    Tepai Moeroa

    Reed Mahoney
    Stefano Utoikamamanu
    Greg Leleisiuao

    Tim Mannah (He strengthens leadership values more than performance)
    Beven French

  • After this year Paul i see next year as a year where everybody has to prove themselves or they should be out, we need a big cleanout.

    • Déjà vu
  • For those who say French just think back to how many games this year he had 1 or 0 runs that’s unforgivable
  • Avaro Mau Mahoney possibly Moeroa and Terepo on bottom dollar
  • None.

    Clean the place out!

  • So you want to get rid of Stefano Arnie, you really don't know much do you Arnie.
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