Who replaces Ma'u on the bench?

With Ma'u out injured for a good while, who replaces him on the bench? But before you come up with a solution you have to confirm what his role was meant to be first. Did BA intend to use him as an impact forward, maybe in the middle? Or was he meant to provide relief for either Lane or Niukore who may struggle to play the full 80? I don't like the idea of shifting Taka back to the bench because I don't see him providing any sort of impact from there; he's just not that kind of player and bears no resemblance to Ma'u in terms of playing style. That said, removing Taka from the backline would allow us to move Fergo to the centres and bring in Sivo on the wing, which I have been gunning for since the start of preseason. Having Taka in the centres is a complete waste of space and it weakens the backline (though personally I hate the fact he's even in the top 17 to be honest).

The other option is to bring in Gower who has provided admirable service but is nonetheless past his time. At least you'll know what you'll get from him and I don't remember many occasions when he badly let us down. Are there any other options you can think of? Who do you think BA will go with?

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  • Id like to see Ray Stone given a run and if he cant due to whatever reason then it would have to be Niukore or Gower as a last option. Just hope its not Evans. Im not a huge fan of Taka either and think his best days are past him at at times he can be a liability.

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    • It will require patience but Sivo could be the ultimate winger and replicate Fergo's recent form. Fergo will still be a great asset in the centres which is an area that needs urgent attention.


      • Why not have Fergo on one side and Sivo on the other?

  • How long he out for?

    At his age,he is injury prone.

    • Ma'u is likely to be out for a good 5 weeks from rd1.


  • Im not convinced Mau was destined to come off the bench to begin with. He has started in most of his appearances under BA and still has the ability to play big minutes.

    Leaving that to one side, if we assume a back rower now comes onto the bench that otherwise might not make the 17 - I think the answer is Taka. 


    • I think Niukore has surpassed Manu. He'll be our starting edge forward on a permanent basis from now on I'd say.


  • You guys are overthinking what BA will do. It will be the same squad from the last trial with Paulo coming in for Manu. Tepai most likely move to the bench and alternate between front and 2nd row.

  • Round 1 side 


    1: C Gutherson ( c )

    2: B Ferguson 

    3: M Jennings

    4: G Jennings 

    5: M Sivo

    6: D Brown

    7: M Moses

    8: Jr Paulo

    9: R Mahoney

    10: D Alvaro

    11: M Nuikore 

    12: S Lane

    13: N Brown


    14: T Moeroa ( Prop/ Lock/ 2nd row

    15: P Terepo ( Prop/ lock

    16: K Evans ( 2nd row/ Prop

    17: T Mannah ( Prop 


    when J Salmon comes back in round two I think he will be the perfect utility coming off the bench 

    who could cover the halves, centre, hooker, and lock 

    • Not a bad side. I don't know that G Jennings will play centre though (would be good to see him get a crack). Has he played there before? No utility on the bench but Marata could slot into centre if need be. I think Tep will start again with Brown off the bench, especially since he is coming off an injury.

      Agreed on Salmon, he gives the team a lot of options.

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