The Standard and quality of people in the media is at a all time low , it's seems like if you were a great player you get a contract with either 9 or Fox .

This is my list of dopes who I take absolutely no notice of .



This guy sounds like he is whispering a secret when he speaks and I'm yet to hear him  make a coherent comment . 


Andrew Johns 

By far the biggest fuckwit in the media , has made some of the most outlandish predictions with his "  Jarrod Mullen will be the NSW halfback for the next 10 years " being one of his best .


Their  is no doubt he is on some kind of hallucination drug when he is commentating , how many times do we here  the racist  dope say,

" Was that a knock on "

"Was that a high tackle "

" Did he drop that " 

And then when you see the replay it was not even close to what he was saying . He is  one of the worst judges in the game and he has the history to  show it .


Jonathan Thurston 

I can't go to hard on him because he is a good guy but it's plain to see he is only on 9 to fill in a quota , but I can't take this dope seriously 


Erin Molan 

This ET lookalike for years when she was ruining the footy show would cause my dog to get hysterical and have a fit each time he saw her face on TV , he has since passed away and I suspect all the anguish Erin's head caused him played a part in his death .


Now for journos who are on tv .

Brent Read 

How this fool not only got on tv but was given a job at a  news paper is a disgrace this is a fool who said on national radio that Jason Tamalolo was the best back rower he has ever seen . 


Paul Crawley 

 Have to be careful what I say about Paul because i have my suspicions he may have a illness that affects him , all I  will say is calling hin a dope is being kind .


Paul Kent. 

This clown"s  biggest issue among many is that he has no shame is showing his bias towards those he likes , he has his head so far up Ricky's butt that he knows his bowel movement patterns. 


A special shout out to Phil Rothfield , I have a  mate who's daughter does make up at fox studios and she says old Buzz  turns up pissed  everyweek and goes on air pissed bless him .










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  • Andrew voss, absolute muppet whose never laced on a boot, same as Ray.

    Erin Molin or any token female

    Andrew Webster, lisping limp wristed tool.

    Any QLDer in commentary except JT.

    Sam Thiaday, total bore obsessed with himself

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    • Danika wow wow wee wah

      • Danika is smoking hot!

        • X 1000. Danika is so hot. I switch from Kayo to the dopes on 9 before a game, just to see Danika. 

    • Rappetite, I'll agree with you there. 

    • I do agree but how does Allana Ferguson get left off this team list?


      • Scott, I'll agree with you too, good taste.

    • Alana Ferguson sexy af and tiny 😉

    • Add Yvonne Sampson to that list

  • SBW asking a question last night "oh hey umm the thing with umm hey yeah?"

    It's easier to make out what Sleepy Joe Biden sez.

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