• We need an alpha male big pig, a highly destructive backrower and a quality back up 9 and we need Utoikamanu and Kaufusi to improve by another 15% and what remains of our 2019 top 34, to improve another 15% all across the park, and besides too many injuries, we'll be right mate. Top 4 here we come with a great shot at the big prize.  GO THE EELS. 

  • Leno I am sure improved changes to those 2 areas alone that you mention could see Parra in next years grand final . Enough mental toughness and some luck and the team will win .

  • Study Sticky's one off  season at Canberra and stop holding hands in a circle at training singing Kumbaya.

  • Defence in a few areas to be consistent; and back up dummy half and one strong backrower and some back ups.

  • Until I see the team for next season I can’t predict where we might finish. The only thing I will say is I think our backup will be better. A reserve grade playing as Parra  in Parra jersey  before the 1st grade, assuming they do play at the same ground, will be a big incentive to the players.


  • get a new coach, #1 priority.

  • I still think we need a really good ball playing edge back rower (matterson) (Frizell) type player. Another front rower that has that fear factor in him.. Then we can dare to dream of that elusive premiership. Oh and learn to take our form from bankwest into away venues. The second part of the equation may be harder than the first with BA as coach. 

    • Reports this morning that Matterson may be 'traded' to Cronulla for Matt Moylan.

      • I read that on Foxsports. This was not a good report. It posed more questions than it answered.

        The Sharks are looking to get rid of Moylan to ease cap pressure. Why would they want Matterson, he won't come cheap. He will take up cap space. Maybe it would work if there was a third club involved willing to take Matterson from the Tigers.

        That way Tigers lose a high profile player but are compensated with the signing of Moylan who can take over at 5/8 in 2021 when Benji retires. Sharks get salary cap relief to enable them to sign Ramien and a third club signs Matterson on the money that he seeks

  • We have a lower end coach thats won 1 finals game in 6 seasons. You'd probably mostly get shit for saying this given our improvement last season, but I think he's very limited as a coach and not one that can take a team to a title.

    I also think player wise we need a good solid defensive edge backrower, and an impact 9 that keep Reed's energy and tempo when we spell him in the middle of games. We basically go through the motions when he's off and BA moves our fullback there.

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