Firstly let me say that I hope you are all in good health and that that you are coping well in the current situation . 


Soon I will be posting a blog about all the bullshit and self interest that went on at the club and how it will have a lasting effect . I will also  be posting a blog where  I will be offering members of this site who I actually like the opportunity to get into their first home because underneath it all I'm one of life's true Angel's , i just hate dorks , lefties , dipshits and cunts . 



The mighty eels have once again been the most hyped up team in the comp and if they can live  up to the hype as always is the million dollar question . 



When you year the so called experts talk about the eels chances one of  the mains things they bring up is the flogging they gave to the Broncos last year , yet they never bring.up the most important game the eels played which was the semi against the Storm . 



It's almost as if the game never happened and all that is ever mentioned is the Broncos game . The Broncos were a crap side and statistically were  one of the worst sides to ever make the 8 plus playing Pokies till 3am on game day didn't help , against the Storm the following week the eels were humiliated and were made to look like a park footy teem in all facets of the game  and yet again showed how far behind the team and it's players are from the elite level.



Over the years under Brad Arthur the eels have shown that they 

1. Buckle under pressure and have zero mental toughness and the ability to handle even the slightest bit of adversity in a game .


2. Have piss poor defence .


3. Have a attacking game that is one of the easiest to defend against and is predominantly based on kicks , how many times over the years have we seen the eels with all the possession and field position and fail to score ? Phil Gould summed up the the eels attack perfectly in the storm game when he said it was as if the storm knew what the eels attack was going to do before Parra did . 



The eels other problem is that they have no leadership , Gutherson is the captain yet he is one the chief culprits who collapses and buckles when the pressure is on and that is not captain material .  The eels have to many players who have shown they can't  perform against the Elite sides . 




Hopefully with John's at he club he's been able to change some things because we know BA can't  , for most of the players John's will be the first person they have had who actually has a footy brain guiding them . 



Going by what I saw last year , if the Broncos turn up the eels will struggle but I hope I'm wrong . 

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  • Some good points Frankie! I reckon the Eels (in all honesty) have buckled under pressure and media hype since Brian Smith was coach and prior ( excluding Daniel Anderson). As good as Brian Smith was the Eels even under his coaching just never raised the bar and got over the last hurdle. I'm hoping that Brad Arthur may have learned from the last few years and in particular last year but only time will tell. I agree about no real Captaincy! Leadership qualities. I still think a captaincy position should be amongst the Forwards! 

    • What’s with the exclamation marks?!

      • What exclamation marks would you be referring to Adam ?!!!?

  • Welcome back couch potatoes. I was very impressed with the Broncos first games so assuming they are the same will come out firing. I wonder how much fitness has been lost with limited training?  Someone posted on here Broncos are the slowest team in comp and I have never noticed this but they do have the biggest backsides.  Is Darius playing? I used to hate him but he has gone vegan so I guess that means I just love him. Davud Gower not playing means I can concentrate on Darius hey. Enjoy the footy Slippery Eels. 

  • Eels have a Storm problem. No doubt about it. The Eels are a completely different side against the Storm and it's something that needs to be sorted. 
    As for the other "Top" sides, last year we beat Canberra, Souths, Manly and went down to the Roosters after leading for most of the match. 
    We do need to go to another level defensively and fix our Storm issue. We're definitely in the mix and it's been a long time since we've fielded a team this solid across the park. It's something BA and team can be proud of. It's BA's time right now. If he can't get it done with this squad he may find himself on the outer. 
    Who knows what this year will produce by any club? 
    Parra being hyped up is just lazy journalism and you see it every year based on the previous year's results. Parra is in first place on the ladder after 2 rounds so naturally we're going to win the comp. Honestly I don't put much faith in many of the so called experts. 
    Win or lose tonight we'll be there at the pointy end. 

    • Spot on Muttman.

        • Yep agree Parra need to maybe see the news cycle and “ fairytale premiership “ for what it is yearly so they don’t buy into it - and understand its what fans want to be told I sell papers -
    • The eels have much more than a Storm issue , they have a issue with top sides . 


      Eels played the roosters The 2nd game of the year and we're in 2nd gear for the most of game , once they went into 1st gear in the last 10mins Parra had no answer .


      The raider humiliated the eels 19 0 in their first game then in the 2nd game in Darwin the raiders had their best players backing up after origin and were smashing the eels 16- 0 , then the raiderd collapsed in the heat and then we found out the raiders only were able to train once in Darwin because their trip was delayed and they arrive late . 


      Parra played Souths minus a host of their best players out due to origin 


      When Parra played manly at Brookvale they got a football lesson , they then beat manly when they had a host of players out injured . 



      Parra had a massive problem with tops sides and can't compete with them when everything is equal .



      And yes Parra will make the 8 no doubt but will they be able to match top sides in finals is another question . 

      • Get off the drugs bro and stop making excuses for the top teams when we beat them. 

    • Ball control is the issue against the Storm if you don't control the ball against the storm the games half pie gone.We also aren't ready to get in a street fight with these guys just roll your sleeves up and go set for set.Beat them at what they do.

      From what I saw last night I'm quietly confident that our pack can physically stand up to that Storm pack.I can also see the difference Johns has made with these halves.Brown got a lot more touches and Moses didn't over play his hand this takes pressure off in my eyes.

      Teams this year won't be able to focus in on one side like they have or one player.

      I think the Eels are a different kettle of fish as long as we control the footy that's the key for me against these better teams as first mentioned.

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