• Great player but he signed a deal worth around $600k per season, maybe back ended and on more now but don't know. The Knights took a big gamble paying him that much with little experience, he owes them some grace. Jumping from around $600k to $1.5 mil is rediculous.

    • It's quite ridiculous as well.


      • Thanks :)

  • Is Ponga better than Tedesco who I regard as the best player in the world? No! Teddy's on about 1- 1,1 mil. He's really good but not good enough to carry the Knights who are out of the top 8 on 5 straight losses. Talk about a bad time to ask for a contract upgrade.

    Not worth more than he's currently on.

    1,5 mil per annum would just f*ck the Knights' cap and they'll struggle to get a good team together.

    Pearce and Klemmer as also on massive coin.

    He can only get 1,5 mil from Union. If he's only interested in money then he should change codes.

    • What Tedesco is on is irrelevant, the same as it was when Gutho was negotiating. 

      The only question is what is he worth to Newcastle ?

    • Teddy is a great ball runner ponga has the whole package 

      • Not the case. If you watched origin closely you would have noticed Teddy having saved 3-4 definate tries.


        • Both at 21 ponga is ahead of teddy time will tell if he goes better

  • Titans could afford that they’ll have plenty to spend after their clean out. Storm can afford that. they’d find a way. 

    • I don't think any team can afford that unless the moneyball the hell out of the rest of the team.

      Ponga's 2nd season with the Knights looking like they are going to fail again this season and he's commanding via his agent 1,5 mil. It's laughable. He's acheived nothing is his career and led Newcastle and Queensland to NOTHING.


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