The similarities from this scene (watch below) in the movie Moneyball and what is happening at our club at present is pretty much identical.

 Just change the names of the players, recruitment strategy to replace them, spending to compared to other clubs....

 Spoiler alert to those that haven’t watched the full movie, in the end the “Moneyball” team broke the record for consecutive wins, but once again bombed out in the playoffs.

 Sound familiar?


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        • how the fuck am i part of the problem? i dont have any say or control over what the football does or doesnt do......stupid comment!!!

          What i was pointing out was that everyones simple way to solve the "problem" is to "just go out and get tpa's" wihtout any understanding of the intracacies and risks of doing so. its not such a simple process....

          I certainly agree that, from the outside looking in, there maybe needs to a holistic approach. However, no-one outside of the internal staff of the organisation actually know what has been presented - everyone else is speculating or assuming none of that is done.

          I would suggest that most clubs would offer that after life education - some, as you suggest, may have a greater range of opportunities from rich benefactors - but there aint that many Mark Bouris', Nick Politis, James Packer, Mike Cannon-Brookes etc around....eels seem to have a good reputation for education etc..



          • Rock are you and Brissy the same person??

            • Just because everyone else seems far smarter than you doesn't mean they are the same person, fool.


            The quote "your part of the problem" I was referring to people being closed off to whole of package idea when putting together an offer for a player. Most people think of any monies outside of the salary cap as a TPA. Even though thats not the case, its an easy reference for people to just say TPA. When i see people just shut down the idea and the notion that a real way of securing an xfactor player or two, or even keeping a superstar now involves so much more work in designing a whole of life financial package. Its no longer as simple as how much in the salary cap should we give this player or that. To compete in the market for the best of best players as a club we need to understand and develop legal ways of increasing a players salary well beyond the salary cap component.  Yes its very hard to organise, yes its intricate, yes it needs a legal system and framework developed, yes it requires like minded Eels Patrons to come to the party, it involves complex and legal issues when organising the share funds, investment funds and the like. And it must be void of the club. However this is where the new battle field is in securing xfactor players to play for your club. Above and beyond a players capacity to earn $$ from the salary cap alone. The new financial package ie introductions which lead to introductions and education so to speak or in most peoples language refered to as TPA's "even though this is the incorrect term". So it bugs me when some people just shut down any notion that there are other ways to sell or offer a player a better complete package. Thats why i used the term, part of the problem. I was referencing the shutdown mentality that there are more ways to give a player value then just salary cap $$.


            Once upon a time it may of been the ability to live on the beach and have a coffee on Bondi etc. Now its introductions to the business world and the CEOs of startups and share investment managers or capital raising ventures. 

            The world of League and attarcting players is changing and the Roosters, Storm, Rabbits,are at the forefront.

            • There's an interesting article doing the rounds about Nick Politis given the drama around Brandon Smith, and it used the example of how Nick helped Cooper Cronk secure a 30k grant to allow him to apply for Cronk to do his MBA at Harvard. Nick didn't give him the money, but provided him with the contact. 
              Interesting, the Roosters tried to sign Mitch Moses in 2017, but MM reneged on the deal to sign with the Eels. That's when Nick refused to deal with Isaac Moses, but somehow still signed James Tedesco. 

              • I just saw the article today Brett, im going to put it up in its own post, it rejnforces exactly what i was saying. Probably better written though.

      • Actually no Rocky, they fcuked up the paper bags and the TPA's.....the rule's for TPA's are there and it is not hard. The previous administration were so dumb, they did no research or look into what was required.

        Simple way to do them is just makesure the NRL are fully aware of everything. They have to be reported anyway, anyone trying to hide them, ventures down old Parra ways.

        No one is suggesting paper bags or any of the more subtle methods of family members jobs/businesses or golf games with the chairman. A great example of a TPA was Thurston's deal with the headgear company. Lots of businneses out there that can call on a player to present to a promotion or be a dinner guest at an important meeting.......etc etc 

        5 lots of 100k would have secured our team! I think this is where we have lost them, ie its only the cap effect that has been disclosed not the deal that goes with it. Originally the concept was to protect players from raid's from other codes, because no club could defend them through the cap if they were being poached by another code, AFL did this to a limited extent and also Union. They introduced a marquee player scheme, but I am not sure where that is now,

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    • My answer to keeping the 3 players we lost would have been to lose 1 player- Clint Gutherson, there is $750k.

      Could have re-signed them all and still had $250k spare.

      However, If you watched the clip- Brad Pitt was asking for "just a little bit more money" NRL terms equals TPA's.

      How many times do people have to be told...WE ARE MAKING UP THE NUMBERS IF WE DON'T UTILISE TPA'S.



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        • Could replace him for way less than $750k CNK from the Raiders is on $325k... Captain ransom double the player he is? Dane Laurie is on $220k. JAC wanted a shot playing FB... could have signed him for $500k.

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