Weekest bench in the comp.

Can anyone name the bench for R1 because I've been scratching my head trying to figure it out because there's absolutely no one to replace rcg and Paulo.

The only bench players I can think of is jakey boy and Rodwell, who are 4th stringers at best.

Trust me if the club don't buy a few recognized first grades fast, we won't make the 8.  No bench = no success in this comp.  And its bye bye BA.

My starting pack r1 is







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  • Chiefy, you could have a point here; I am assuming we will have another purchase on the way as a depth? I also assume Nathan Brown is being moved on? If not he would be on the bench.

    • We don't need a bench when RCG and Paulo play 80mins.

      • 😂😂😂

        • Lol like ba says , they are getting paid the big bucks meaning they'll play 70 minutes plus.   By gf time you saw how fatigued our pack was.  We were absolutely stuffed, but ba still got the credit and that's all he wanted to get an extension 

          • I agree. Ray stone would have been great to start, so Mahoney didn't have to tackle so much.we missed him allot. We also would have done so much better if we had Tapua or Klemmer...

            • I'm with you Stone it would have been a good keep he can cover multiple positions and even though he cost us in the semis 2 years ago I'd have him aswell.He's an excellent defender.

              Tapau over Klemmer all day.

              • Speculative prediction: Jordan Yates will be the new Ray Stone. Except he can actually play dummy half


                • I've tentatively seen him play a couple of times and I think he's got something that kid for sure.

                • Yates could very well be the player Perpetual

            • Stone was a very good 14. Could play anywhere in the pack. But he was an obstacle for brad to get his son into the dummy half back up 14 so in Brad's eyes, stone had to be pushed out its as simple as that..  now watch who plays 14 in round one. ....

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