My Nimrod of a contact has finally come thru. Waqua is a lock and should be able to play after June 30.

RCG IS 70 /40 . Yeah I know. Couldn't help myself.

We need another prop and centre. So up and up. Remember must buy better then the player they are replacing.

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  • Is this a Bomaderry contact Chucky?

    • Shoalhaven thanks


  • Does your contact know that Blake is currently injured and won’t be back playing until around round 20?

  • Is waqa better than what we have? Who we going to let go? We have full squad already


    • Yep

    • We have 29/30 spots filled. We have 1 spare spot. Hey  

    • Better then taka. Are you on prescription or illegal drugs ?  Cut down son. Please we are concerned.


      • Takarangi is the best centre in the game. Come on guys damn. 

        I did think our squad was full though. Good to know we still have a spot. Hopefully it comes true conehead, we need some serious changes. 

  • Reed mahoney needs help. We cant expect the kid to play 80 mins every week. He has no energy left to make dummy half runs. I would have gone for a hooker and prop before a centre

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