Tyrone Peachy officially released from Titans

Recent rumors have linked Peachy to a move to Parramatta, could this be a indication that he his coming? would be a good pickup for a utility spot over Smith or backup half instead of Jake Aurthr.

Rankin still unsigned for next season

Titans also released Hooker Mitch Rein, who has had a okay season, can run and has a long pass. Would be a cheap backup option for Mahoney with reports Lussick could be headed back to Supper League?

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    • If Fergo leaves our Indigenous player quotas going to be almost non existent. It's only fair that South's aren't allowed to stockpile them all. 

      Im not sure whether having a casual part time employee in Will Smith will qualify BA as an equal opportunity employer for the government grants. 

      • Turn it up Wiz, you've taken a reasonable conversation about Peachy and his fit or lack there of in our squad and dragged it down to ethnicity. Why? We get it, you're anti PC, but thats not what this is about. Did you see the kick he put through for one of the Titans tries? A decent short kicking game which IMHO we lack. Take your biases to 4chan champ.

  • Been linked back to the panthers aswell 

  • Based on recent form is he really a better option at 14 than Carlo's Will ?

    • Oi nobody puts will in the corner 🤨🤣

    • We've seen about a 50% increase in form from journeymen under BA so I reckon Peachy would be fantastic. Buy of the season prediction from me . 

      • Fuck me, so you do rate him? But the Koori aspect enables a few digs at quotas. Come on lad, your better than that.

        • Never said I didn't rate him, infact I think he's a fantastic player. You're the one who jumped the gun on a toungue in cheek comment. 

  • Peachy is going to Canberra 

    • He wants to live in Sydney. 

      It's a finals team - otherwise it would already be announced. They don't want to upset the applecart of a team that is still trying to win the premiership. 

      Panthers, Manly, Parra, Roosters or Souffs. Put your money on it. 

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Parrakeet replied to CarloEEL2's discussion Conflict of interest
"Carlo this is good news for Will Smith.  With Peachey gone he will get more game time so be happy for him. You can follow them as well. You can spread love around I've been doing it for years. "
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"Seth , I've seen it many times. Phill and Don's harmonies were beyond perfection. "
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"RCG is in the back 9 of his career what if his form falls off the cliff and we are stuck with the big cap hits.Potentially losing RCG is just a unlucky occurrence of which we gave to position ourselves with young undeveloped talent.
Hiw long am I…"
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Parrapowa replied to Scott Gregs's discussion RCG not taking his last year to consider move to new Dolphins
"Coach extension is what I was thinking. I don't like how he and his manager brang this up now. In all seriousness next year is our last chance to win the comp. if we don't then I don't see us Winning one in a long time. "
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