Tristan Saylor?

Tristan Saylor has just been let go from the dragons. In my opinion he has huge potential and was never really given a proper go. He can play fullback and in the halves. Should parramatta go after him to put pressure on both our halves and fullback spots? 

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  • I know we need more forwards for next year, with Davey and Co leaving. Maybe if we can get him at a good price he will bolster our backs. 

  • Worth a shot. I thought he was pretty impressive in the couple of games I saw him play.

    As long as his old man stays away though.

    • His old man would have a bit more character than you could handle Barry....looked in the mirror lately?

      • Keep your personal opinions to yourself.

        If you want to discuss the merits or failings of the player mentioned in this discussion, I am happy to discuss.

        If you want to get personal, I have no time for you.

        • To be fair Barry, you deviated away from the player in question by bringing his father into it...

          • I wasn't getting personal with anyone on here MeelK.

            • If you can't handle someone "getting personal", then maybe this site is not for you.

              • I thought this was a site for people to talk footy but it seems to be full of keyboard warriors.

        • Barry you sound like one hell of a exciting dude!! You must the life of party at you weekly get together at the bird watchers club.


          What's wrong with Wendell?  Champion player who overcame many challenges in his life to be one of the best wingers of his generation, he is also does a hell of lot of work for charity. 

          • Whatever Frankie.

            Have a nice life.

This reply was deleted.

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