• Might come on as a Stone type player. Until he gets the hang of it. 

  • Well he is the mold of a BA player, tough, workaholic, no fuss kind of player. The kind of player you can say "Ky, go out there and kick a field goal for me" and he will do it, or try to. Get's a job to do and does it to best of his ability.

    Though they are not flashy, it is not to have one in the team from time to time.

    • I'd start him on the bench and have him come on when Reg needs a spell. 

  • What I've seen of him I've liked I would not be surprised if he doesn't get a shot tough bugger with a bit of skill young and hungry perfect parramatta player I see him developing to a a good enough player for someone to offer a better contract to in a few years.

  • Middle player lock of bench only. Very slow Alvaro type. No chance on the edge. Slower than Alvaro.  I can't see him being anywhere near a regular starter.

    • Slower than Alvaro?

      Highly unlikely.

      My dog is faster than Alvaro and he died two years ago!

    • Nope ya got that all wrong.

  • Seen him play around 30mins and that was enough 

    Sign the kid up for 4 years - star of the future and I've got zero doubt about it.

    • I'm with Chief on this, it seems to me Heisen you are making a judgement on him when he played in our Reserve Grade side in a First Grade game against Penrith.

      He is actually a bit of a journey man and what I saw of him in Reserve Grade (proper) was like Chiefy said, Alvaroish?

      Now it could be he was demotivated playing in the reggies and frustrated that he was not getting anywhere and that given a chance he showed his real ability with the opportunity.

      Let's hope you are right Heisen.

      If your not and you being in charge have signed him for 4 years on would you feel....I know one thing, you would punish some poor bastard for making that decision in hindsight.

      Are you wearing a seatbelt yet Heisen? 

      • Okay old man - been to spec savers lately?

        Off you go...

        As for my seatbelt, who needs one when you've gotten the jab?

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