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  After not playing for some months I decided I felt like a few hands of low stakes poker. I go to enter a table and a box appears "not available in your region". A quick google search reveals that Nanny Malcom has decided Australian Adults are too childlike to be allowed to play online poker. WTF? Its the usual story that because some people may have a problem the rest of us are punished. This sort of crap should be beyond the control of governments. I can afford to risk $5 at a game that actually requires some skill over just dumb luck. I resent that our government insists on treating us like children.

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Get a VPN and away you go, think they’re about $5 a month and you can play poker , download pirate movies (so I’ve heard ) and do whatever you like without anyone blocking you from anything  . But yeah ..... it’s f***** that because of a few people everyone suffers .  Maybe I’d it wasn’t rammed down everyone’s throats every time you turn sport on it wouidnt be on their radar . 

I thought about a vpn but I don't play much anymore, just pissed they are messing with our rights. Further reading suggests that the Salvation Army were a major source of pressure on getting the law amended.

No doubt you will pass your apologies on to Malcolm.....there's not too much you can't blame him for.

Maybe the judgement of our polticians should be compared to what some have achieved in their private lives.

It is hard to imagine most of his critics could have achieved a tenth of what he has but at the same time he is deemed as a hopeless and useless dummy.........I suspect if Jesus Christ was the Prime Minister we would crucify him before you know it.

"Because of a few people everyone suffers"Too true.I`m an old bloke who likes old B&W Movies and for years I`ve been able to find them via a Bittorrent app.Now my ISP has had to block my access to the so called Pirate sites and I thought I was out of business.Any spotty little schoolboy can freely look at porn yet I can`t download a movie from the 30`s or 40`s.You`ve got to be kidding!Anyway,thanks to a VPN I`m now able to circumvent the Oz restrictions and find Mitchum,Cagney,Edward G and co whenever I want.So stuff the Nanny State.For now.

Good on you old fella......

Mushy published this the other day.....Its so good I will show it again in your honour!

Grab yourself a Kodi box off eBay . You’ll find you’ll be very likely to find any movie you want on there (so I’ve heard ) oh ....... and I’ve also heard that ExtraTorrent is back up and running .

For a free VPN download the internet search engine OPERA it has in built VPN for free.
Just remember not use it for banking as my bank has flagged my account a few times cause my online banking is being accessed via different countries .

Actually, I've worked with a gambling researcher recently who made submissions to a government inquiry into online gambling. The issue here isn't so much that people are gambling and losing money online, it's that policing online gambling is difficult and quite often the owners of the sites aren't registered in Australia and so aren't liable under Australian law. The government is blocking online gambling sites that aren't registered in Australia due to the high risk of scams and card skimming. Basically they're protecting you from getting scammed, not losing in online poker.

The researcher I spoke to actually wants the government to not outlaw online poker, but regulate it so that people like yourself can play online without the risk of your card details getting stolen or you being scammed in some way.

The issue is not being a "nanny" as in protecting people from themselves, as if the government wanted to do that they would simply ban all gambling. Rather the issue is that the government is trying to protect its business "mates" from the competition.

we deserve the government the Australian people vote in. Simple

We have to be the most over governed country in the western world.

Soon they’ll be monitoring the amount of shots each household takes in a day and tax is for it.



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