The 'golden team'

Money talks.  Roosters again getting a leg up slowing the play the ball down with no six again against  Em also rushing off in defence way before the player has played the ball.  Rules for some not others.  Thursday  night way faster and better than Friday night  footy.  The rooster  on this site thinks eels always get a leg up but maybe he should  have a look at his own chook pen.  Roosters been getting  a leg up for the past 20-30 years! 

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  • Roosters are my second favourite team - so I am not biased against them.

    I agree that it looked like they were leaving the line before the ball was played and it was not subtle but blatant. They did not get penalised but Souths did for seemingly more modest and less frequent infringement.

  • This is something that should not be left to refs discretion. The bunker can monitor this and send a six again call to the ref.

    • Nuthin to do with the Refs, Uncle Nic got the shits with the Draw soo they helpin him out..simple

      • Maybe - but this has been a problem for a long time. Deciding to penalise or not allows the ref to decide who wins. Refs subconsciously think one team should win and let them get away with it while they hammer the other team

        • On field referees must have the ability to use their discretion. Thet has been the problem for the last 20years, that ability to use discretion has been gradually eroded.

    • No, completely disagree. The on field ref is the best person to judge whether it should be a penalty or 6 again or nothing at all. If a defender is doing his level best to get back the 10 and he just can't because he's out on his feet, let it go, the attacking team will find him if they're good enough.

      The bunker should never be involved in live action decisions. Ever.

  • I doubt very much that the ref was paid off. Thats ridiculous and extremely insulting without evidence. However it should be called for what it is. The fact is the roosters v souths game looked boring compared to thursday night, and the reason is the ref. Roosters got away with wrestle so they kept it up and sadly lets face it, the ref lost control and just wasnt good enough. I dont care what anyone says, that was one game for the "two referee lovers" argument.

  • Disagree, the Roosters conceded 9 penalties. South's completion rate 51% possession and 36 sets completed,the bunnies had opportunities and did work themselves back into the game but didn't have the class to land a killer blow when it mattered. The absence of Cody Walker and James hurt the bunnies, Reynolds didn't take the line on and Cook didn't have the impact I thought he would. The game was very physical and a high quality contest, I can only see positives. 

    • Roosters the better team obviously.

      The ref lost control of the ruck though. Not strong enough mentally to referee an NRL game.

      • The better team won, teams are deciding the results not refs 

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