The Fox

Been saying it for weeks . Make it happen ! 

Pay half of Fergos wage , give them whoever they want .. I don't care . Sneak under the tigers guard and get him here . He creates chances out of nothing and makes half chances into full ones .  He makes your team dangerous from anywhere on the field. To top it off he's had a few seasons learning how to play under Bellamy . 

I suspect we'll sit on your hands and do nothing as BA usually does until problems are as obvious as the nose on his face , but we absolutely should be doing everything in our power to get him here . 

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  • I'd actually swap Sivo for The Fox. Good deal for both clubs. 

    • we should honestly be doing absolutely everything in our power to get him here . 

      hes 25. the best and most dangerous winger in the game . My first preference would be to swap Fergo for him as he's showing 4 years of battering ram footy on his body and BA is not going to change anything about how he plays . He would be better off career wise going to Melbourne . JAC would be massive for the balance of our team.  BA likes battering ram wingers and is obsessed with the field position kick chase game . JAC is what we need but it would take a shift in BAs thinking . 

    • I would too Mutt, but doubt the Storm would go for it. Then the problem is the Fox wants Fullback, doubt BA would move Gutho, and probably rightfully so. Gutho does not have the sheer pace and brilliance of the Fox, but he's our captain and offers more than just a number one, he leads by example and is getting bettter and better at it. The Fox could play a roving role on the wing and pop up anywhere, Gutho could play as another 1st or 2nd receiver and we could be devastating in attack. Just don't see it all happening.

      • I will shock you Brissy and I expect will get howled down for this.....BUT

        Guth to 5/8

        DBrown to hooker

        Ado Carr fullback

        Mahoney 14

        The likelihood of us having an injury free team will probably mean that would only ever happen on about 10% of occasions.... it gives us flexibility and alternatives right through the spine.

        Ado Carr may not be seen as a fullback....but I cannot see why not and if for any reason he can be easily switched back to the wing. Gutho's future is with Parra and as a representative player as a 14..... it won't hurt him at all.

        Dylan Brown will be the surprise (yes I know Graham) but i feel that the strength and defensive ability plus his very direct style would be suited to what a modern day hooker is. Mahoney is a talent but realistically is not as good as some of the new wave hookers coming through. I would see him switching regularly with Dylan and Dylan in turn playing in the halves and either pushing Guth into the centres.

        PS Don't rule out Guth as a potential hooker either....Phil Sim was always on the right track.

        PS 2 Those who think these radical changes are too much have not come to terms with the fact that this current side has reached its limit as a first 4 team.... great effort but not enough yet to get us to the big dance.

        PS 3...... Yes a couple of very mobile forwards as well...... a la what Souths and Easts are doing.

        • That's not a shock Oh Great Demented One - that is Saturday afternoon after a day at the races, and we all know how you finish up after the races.

          Seriously mate get rid of that rocket fuel you are drinking and get back to some decent w(h)ine.

          • 4 winners each in Brisbane (GC), Sydney and Melb...... I had a very good

        • These changes you are proposing are crazy talk poppa,  maybe you need to tell nurse Ratched "it's medication time, medication time".

          • She is on her way HKF, hopefully it will help, but I doubt it in his late stage of Great Dementia.


          • Crazy mean to say this is not the one eyed asylum..... sorry wrong button again, Mushy you didn't tell me  that nurse Retched was on....ring the Chief and get me out of here!

            Oh No! not another lobotomy!

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