The Facts. Is Parra going to Struggle?

There was an error today in the Broncos Team line up. They were missing the names of the two refs officiating our game on Sunday - Ben Cummins and Grant Atkins.

Thought I'd share with you 'some' facts which were very noticeable to a 40+ year Eels boy!

IF, Parra is duped by crook ref decisions this weekend, it is NOT OK! As Toovey once said "There must be an investigation" and I mean it!

FACT: The two games we lost at Bankwest this year - were officiated by Grant Atkins.

FACT: The last couple of times Parra were eliminated in Prelim / Finals qualifiers was officiated by Ben Cummins.

FACT: Broncos have a 59.09% Win Stat when Ben Cummins is the ref.
FACT: Parra has a 40.54% Win Stat when Ben Cummins is the ref.

FACT Broncos have a 52.63% Win Stat when Grant Atkins is the ref.
FACT: Parra has a 30.43% Win Stat when Grant Atkins is the ref.

We have a strong team - No doubt, but in games like this - every point counts! A penalty goal or an illegal 'field goal' could send us all packing in 2019.
Make the ref 'cheats' be known!


Credit to someone else.

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  • Great info. I get it, it looks dicey, just know that it won’t make an ounce of difference this Sunday. 

    We got this, bruz

  • Forget about the refs and let’s just get the win. There would be pros and cons for all refs. We need to just concentrate on executing the game plan and get it right. We panicked against the Bulldogs and lost. Our composure went out the window. The Broncos will be sweating on us to panic and will be waiting to take advantage. If we keep cool and execute, we will win. Anything less will cost us the game. Here’s hoping!

  • Could be a lot worse, we could be playing at Sunorp with Sutton and Klein as the refs. We might as well not show up if that was the case.

    Amazing isn't it that we were absolutely dudded against the Broncos a couple of weeks ago and that win meant they limped into 8th spot when they should have missed out. And guess who we face 1st week. I would have rathered the Tigers for sure, they can fell pretty pissed off they missed with a positive for and against when the Broncos and their crap negative made it in thanks to refereeing and not skill.


    • Going to make sure we smash them from the opening whistle, that last game was a joke and the refs should have been sacked!

      • The best way to beat the mules is to play hard and keep within the rules.  While this is a good blog with fair stats to prove the point by Mr A, if the team commits itself to play had and fair, not give away penalties then what is there to worry about?

        Tackle hard and low,  Run hard and fast, get the ball away but not in impossible positions, Play to our strengths, that being the 2 & 5.

  • Monto will be all over this blog

  • Apparently the chant of "Sivo, Sivo, Sivo" could be heard loud and clear over the television and radio broadcasts. That means that long chants of "Bull shyte" will also be able to be heard loud and clear.

  • Interesting stats.

    We just need to put big points on them so decisions against us won't have an affect.


  • Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) we Parra fans have done all we can. We’ve advised, coached and selected the best 17 and if they listen to us they will win it’s all up to the players now. Being an Eels fan is more than supporting a team it’s a way of life. Life can be cruel sometimes but life goes on so onward and upward boys and girls.

  • The crowd needs to be a major factor in this game. Wish I could be there to scream my lungs out but will have to scream at the TV instead.

This reply was deleted.

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