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Tepai Moeroa off to Rugby Union

Daily Telegraph reporting Tepai Moeroa is close to signing with the NSW Waratahs for next year.

Moeroa joins Taka, Mannah, Alvaro & a few others who are very unlikely to be here next year.

The clean out of par average players continues...

We will surely have a lot of cap space to chase some decent players and have a seriously formidable team for next year. Fingers crossed. Very pleased to see BA, O Neil & the club are finally making the right calls in regards to the playing roster. Things are looking up. 

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  • tep has no latteral movement ,so cant play an edge and doesnt have a motor to play in the middle for gods sake let him go with best wishes and use the 500k hes on better


  • He has a rugby background and he plays like a rugby forward. 

    His style isn't natural for league. 

    If he goes all the best to him and thanks for the contributions 

    • He played inside centre when he played Rugby. He's never played in the forwards in Rugby. 

      • He will probably lose a bit of weight and be a 12 for the Tahs.
        Good move for his head as well. Rugby is fierce on anything above the shoulder.

        • Good luck at the bottom of a ruck though

  • Tepai is yet another youngster who came into first grade under BAs guidance and became a bum . The eels roster will be made up of players who's contracts will all be on the cap , how can you expect to compete with the other clubs when you are the only club that does not use TPAs ? 


    When will the eels recruit a current origin player ? Waqa Blake is a good player  but a 4 and half year contract for a  player who has not done or achieved much is a bit risky , if you are going to throw around 4 and half year contracts make sure it is for a  superstar and not for a player that a club wanted to get rid of , Waqa Blake has a longer contract than both Moses and Gutho .

    • Oh Fongy, yet again finding away to bash into the club. Waqa Blake is a top top centre. He was on the origin horizon last year, then did his ankle. 

      • Lurker being on the Horizon 12 months ago don't mean much , he is a good player and nothing more so why would you give just a good player who has not done much a 4 and a half year contract ? Would Souths , Roosters , Storm  or the sharks sign Waqa Blake to a 4 and a half year contract ? No chance .

        • Frankie, it wouldn't have mattered what club he went to, he had 4 1/2yrs left on his Penrith contract, so whoever buys him buys that contract. The good thing about it is the Panthers pay part of his contract for the duration.

    • Ferguson? 

This reply was deleted.

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