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Tepai Moeroa off to Rugby Union

Daily Telegraph reporting Tepai Moeroa is close to signing with the NSW Waratahs for next year.

Moeroa joins Taka, Mannah, Alvaro & a few others who are very unlikely to be here next year.

The clean out of par average players continues...

We will surely have a lot of cap space to chase some decent players and have a seriously formidable team for next year. Fingers crossed. Very pleased to see BA, O Neil & the club are finally making the right calls in regards to the playing roster. Things are looking up. 

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    • I agree Fong, for fcuks sake work out some TPA’s, 3rd largest CBD in Australia and we’ve got jack shit.

    • I do agree with you however Fong. For once I agree with something you said. The Eels 100% need to learn and start organising some TPAs.  

      • Lurker the fact such a poor standard of a man agree with me disgusts me , you make Tony Bongo look cool . 

        • Actually it is alright to talk it but obviously walking it is difficult.

          The club is still in the process of rebuilding credibility i.e. just imagine a corporate saying we are getting into bed with Parra....what's the risk assesment....Doh!

          Also the TPA's that you talk about are "mates rates" the benefits/favours given to say the Roosters is a much more intangible benefit that favours the corporate influence of a billionaire. Parra's got to show they are past the "recent cot/basket case" syndrome to earn the trust people in your naivety about TPA's need to understand a sponsor requires benefits.....unless you have a special supporters fund or group backing you.

          It will happen. we have a management structure to do it but we will need to be patient enough to get new club legislation in place before we have the confidence of corporates not thinking they could be "shanghaied" by future factions.

    • In regardds to TPA's I could not agrre with you more. How many signings are made as a result of TPAS and this dumb arsed club rules them out.  Just stupid business!


      • EE the club does not have the people at he club who can assist tie club with TPAs and this is why the club didn't use TPAs 

      • Do you blokes understand the TPA rules at all? The club can't just go out and offer TPAs to players at will, it's illegal. Fong doesn't understand this, he's a roosters man and thinks that all they do is above board. The club can only pass on any TPA enquiries they receive to the players manager, they then can't be involved any further until the deal is done between the player, manager and TPA sponsor. The club then registers it with the NRL. It's why they say they have to be at arms length.

        Now I'm not naive enough to suggest this is how it happens, I think 99.99% of TPAs are illegal by definition, but given the disaster of 2016, surely you can understand why the club is gun shy about TPAs and the fact we're still under administration certainly doesn't help.


        • All of your comments are relevant mate, however our Club has stipulatd, NO TPAs.  How do we compete if this  is the case?

          • We hope like hell that our $9.2 million roster can beat the $13+ million dollar rosters of other clubs on the day. It isn't going to be easy but that's the simple rules we're playing by at present.


          • He gave you a great answer EE , live in hope  hahahahaha . Name me the last team to win a comp or even come close to winning a comp who had their entire roster on the cap ? 

This reply was deleted.

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