The Parramatta Eels are delighted to announce that Steve Georgallis will be the Club's new NRLW Head Coach for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

Steve has four decades of experience in rugby league both as a player and coach, including most recently spending the last three years with the North Queensland Cowboys as assistant coach.

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  • Can he coach NSW cup also?

  • Poor bastard. - damn he must be absolutely desperate for a coaching gig. 
    The Parramatta Eels women's team is far and away the worst team in the competition. Basically canon fodder for other teams. 
    In fact, they already have the worst win / loss ratio, the biggest defeat etc etc..
    It may actually be the worst team ever to play the game.
    In reality, the club should just hand back the licence and give it to another club that is fair dinkum about putting a decent team together. 

  • The board need to work on recruitment most importantly. While I don't think dean widders was a good coach, he had no support with recruitment. The gun players (Penitani, Broughton, Taufa) we let go of in the last 2 years is mind boggling 

    • I don't disagree that the womens team has been let down by the administration, who seemingly thought the womens game was a whimsical fad and nothing more. 

      Whilst we could all give up like young Hugo in his commentary, who is emerging as a truly great "fair wether" flyer, we should have a lot more to offer an getting an experienced senior coach who has been working at NRL with a top level team seems a good start!......

      We  all love Dean Widders and were initially excited for him but he had virtually no senior coaching experience, which at the time didn't seem that big a deal.....but when it came down to the "nitty gritty" he was not "hard enough" to fight for his players.......I assume that Mark O'Neill must have some responsibility here and I believe if he doesn't make himself accountable, then he should be nominating someone that is....... not good enough Mark!

    • Avon,  Yes it's all the clubs fault and they really let the players and fans down. The players absolutely did their best but a dearth of talent really put the team in a terrible position. 
      It was basically, let's cobble together some players and hope for the best whereas other clubs approached it with professionalism. 
      Every team that puts on our colours should be given the resources to achieve but at the moment the girls are on a hiding to nothing. 
      Dean Widders did his best but even Wayne Bennett or  Craig Bellamy would struggle to sort this mess out. 

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