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  • If these 2 go, perhaps we have the 2 younguns as halves and perhaps Fergo at FB. 

    The DWZ rumour becomes more important if this scenario plays out. 

    We need to recruit smart around attitude and not just chasing $$$

    • This is not rocket science, when our forwards dominate or at Best hold there ground our backs go outstanding.

      So Parra need to recruit 3 forwards who bring good work ethics and a winng culture, these are the 3 forwards i would chase.

      Christian Welch  he is off contract end of 2019. This kid comes from a winning culture, and WILL play rep footy, he is a must. 3 mill for 4 years

      Sitily Tupouniua off contract end 2019 comes from the roosters, again winning culture, aggressive and has a good off load, a must signing  2 mill over 3 yrs.

      Toafofoa Sipley off contract end 2019 comes from Manly, young and runs hard 1.5 mill over 3 yrs.

      These are the 3 players i would chase, they are well coached and come from winning clubs.

      With these 3 recruits and what we have that would be a strong aggresive pack especialy with Brown and Stone added.


      • True that , Graham.

        Our forward are weak collectively compared to most NRL teams.

        Junior has been terrible the last 2-3 weeks. I don't know if he's gone back to his old ways....

  • I think Moses will be resigned but not sure about Gutherson as Brad Arthur will be gone soon and Gutherson has stated he will only stay if Brad Arthur stays.

    • BA isn't likely to get a job any where else so gutho saying he waiting for BA is pointless as he can't follow him anywhere.  No one else is offering what Parra are otherwise the media would have confirmed an offer considering all the leaks regarding his contract.  I think gutho resigns regardless as I don't see him taking less and move to nth Qld or take less and play different position at Manly.

  • Gutho will sign Moses won’t 

    • flip that if BA is punted


      I don't see anyway Gutherson stays if BA isn't signed

  • DWZ is looking like the Fullback replacement if Gutho goes

    As for the halves

    Rhys Martin from the Dogs

    Dylan Walker 

    Te Marie Martin

    Trent Hodkinson

    are probably the biggest names off contract then there are some younger players like Flegler and Troy Dargan in Brisbane, Brock Lamb at the Roosters and The Dragons Jai Field who are also off contract for next year. Cooper Cronk is also technically off contract although I'm guessing he'll either retire or have another year under the sombrero.

    The other option is to go with Samon and Brown

    • Drinkwater to fb. and Flanagan to half. Welch would be a coup as well. Great player. Toupouniua would be good as well. Dont think the manly bloke Toafofoa is that much chop. No to fat rhys martin. No to wife bashing Dylan. No to hopeless Tea Maria. No to one leg Hodgo. No to tiny tiny tiny jai field(you can barely see him)I like the idea of Flegler but hes not leaving the broncos any time soon after forcing his way into the starting side last week. No to Dargan. Couldnt make it here when he was here. No to Brock Lamb who hasnt kicked on


    • Hodko, Te Maire, Rhys are shite, dude!

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