Sivo isn't good enough..simple!!!

We won which is good but it doesnt change the fact sivo is overrated.

He proves again and again he just isn't good enough. He is super one dimensional.

His defensive reads are absolute trash, let's in easy try's is super sus under high ball. Turns like a bus.

He is a great finisher close to the line and makes the occasional decent run in space.

He's 105kg and runs like a 87 hilux marshmallow. 

Put dragons Mikaele Ravalawa's heart in sivos body you have the best NRL winger.

I may be the only one but I'm so done with his lazy ass efforts and lack of footy brain. 


What you guys think? 


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  • A bloke his size, and on the odd occasion, proven pace and strength...its so frustrating watching him play with the handbrake on. Yes he's bagged a hell of a lot of tries,  but dude has all the physical ingredients to absolutely dominate that side of the field. His mental state, many of the decisions he makes, its like he thinks he's 45kg or something. 

  • Look at the way simmonsen runs the ball back compared to sivo...theres at least 15kg difference in them...and sivo would also have the slowest olay the ball in the nrl

  • If we have a suitable replacement I'd drop Sivo for his stupid defensive read and lack of effort to keep Feldt from running around.

    Let's be honest. Anyone could have scored the try he got last night. (and most of his tries are just as simple)

  • What the Cowboys did last night was fatigue Sivo. 
    Sivo like all players then made poor decisions because of it.

    Their plan was to make him work hard in attack, continual early hit ups then make him work hard in defense especially making defensive decisions. 
    BA will recognise what they did and I'm sure Sivo will be made to work on that aspect.

    Regular seasons all about ironing out your team's deficiencies, it's better to identify now and rectify it before finding out in September.

    He'll be fine, he was taken out of his comfort zone and needs to learn from it.

  • Sivo must have some kind of an injury

    Yes he is slow taking ball up at present but come on he's scored some fantastic tries for us in the past ......not just catch and pass 

    I'd rather him out there than many of the other wingers who can't even catch the pass

    The fact his fend has dissipated makes me even more confident he has some kind of injury also. He previously had a brutal fend

    As for the try where he went for the intercept and thought better of it also tells me at this stage the Simonsen / Sivo defending together lacks some trust and I think that's understandable they have really not had much time together

    i also think if he 100% committed to the intercept he may well have got it but he put himself in that I have to do something but not sure which scenario 

    let's not push him out the door yet.......let's get the injury sorted and get him watching Rocky/Rambo and Terminator movies and Radradra , Grothe videos and perhaps get him to lay off the Kava

    All that should help







  • I think Sivo is a really dumb footballer, like literally the brains of a house brick.  But he gets the job done more times than he doesn't.  

    However , you could put Russell , Jake Arthur , My French Bulldog , Poppa, Tina Turners corpse , whoever , out on that left wing and they'd be a star .  But Sivo in a GF or a big match is the bloke I'd have the most confidence in if there were a situation 10m out and we needed to run over a Tedesco or a Latrell to win the comp. 

    In saying that , I agree , he needs to be better .

    • I think lack of footy brain is a big part of the issue and lack of effort and hunger to be better.

      He makes such stupid decisions sometimes

  • Panthers knew sivo was a dud

    • I don't think he is a dud as he has scored some fantastic tries over the years ...just since his knee injury he seems to be tentative bringing the ball back when he gets to the defence.

      Sure he ain't no Radradra but that bloke was a one of a kind type player.

  • I really like Sivo and what he brings to the side but he shits me no end most games. The guy seriously underestimates his own size and potential 

    I find myself screaming at the TV every time we play, saying 'FFS SIVO run hard'. Why doesn't he just pin the ears back and just bash the opposition? I sometimes feel as though he's scared to get injured or something.

    Maybe something happened a few years ago in a tackle cause he has never been the same since he used Tedesco as a speed hump in 2020. That's what he is capable of but rarely delivers these days - run it hard Sivo FFS.

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