Sivo isn't good enough..simple!!!

We won which is good but it doesnt change the fact sivo is overrated.

He proves again and again he just isn't good enough. He is super one dimensional.

His defensive reads are absolute trash, let's in easy try's is super sus under high ball. Turns like a bus.

He is a great finisher close to the line and makes the occasional decent run in space.

He's 105kg and runs like a 87 hilux marshmallow. 

Put dragons Mikaele Ravalawa's heart in sivos body you have the best NRL winger.

I may be the only one but I'm so done with his lazy ass efforts and lack of footy brain. 


What you guys think? 


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  • Yep

  • Would love to have that freak from the Titans or one of the monsters from the Tigpies.

  • Simmonson, Russel, and Penisini are arguably half the size of Sivo, yet run with more heart. Sivo has been figured out, just tackle him side on and he folds over. 

  • He was the only one who wasn't having a proper crack out there.very very frustrating, when is Richard penisini ready? 

  • Scored a try and ran for 196 metres. 

    He is the leading try scorer in the NRL and has scored more tries for us than Radradra did.


    • Who Bem?

      • Sivo PT47 

    • Most have been catch and score, he is either injured or is coasting

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