• Direct and forceful contact to the head. How many times is this for Sivo? This isn't the NRL targeting the Eels, this is Sivo once again not learning from his mistakes.

      • Yes, CE your not exactly renowned with what's happening at Parra, let alone anywhere else in the competition.

        • Sometimes as I don't live locally 

      • Yep have to agree 

      • I am a big believer in holding coaches accountable, even when the calls of "Coaches don't drop the ball" come out, i hate those lines.

        But people blaming BA here is unjustified, this is on Sivo going rogue and not realising that a good hit is only as good as the timing involved. Now could say BA should drop him, and i reply for who? Sign another Winger is all well and good but we tried to buy one and didn't as there was nothing there, so if there was not one worth our while, why force a change just to get rid of Sivo.

        His defence is average at best but you let him talk elsewhere, 3-4 teams are on the phone to him in the next hour.

  • Bloody idiot....should have taken someone's head off in the last game last year!!! And it's not guaranteed Bailey plays either, he came off injured yesterday. 
    So here we are again, all off season and the club still couldn't purchase a back. Good Job BA.

    • Exactly, Bailey no guarantee so we are stuck with starting a reserve grader in Harper in the centres and  and have no back up on the wing. It's not like BA didn't see this 18-24 months ago!!!!

    • Cannot understand why they didn't look for some backs but continually focus on forwards. Doesn't make sense 

      • We tried, fox, tupou

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