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DId anyone catch the Fiji vs Wales game last night at the rugby world cup?? Semi was on fire and its crazy how his game has evolved now. He was man of the match in a losing effort and was crazy good. He also gave Australia Nightmares when Fiji played them in the first match of the world cup.

Click on the link below for highlights from his game against Wales ranked 2 in the world in rugby and tell me he wouldn't look good back with the Eels, he would be a great replacement for Taka.

 Semi Radradra becomes the first player in a losing team to win man of the match at the R(U)WC. 140m run (most for Fiji), 19 carries (most in match), 7 defenders beaten (most in match)

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  • He is ridiculous.

  • Fcuk he's good!!!

  • god I hate union. even those highlights were shit compared to his nrl highlights. 

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Pity his talents are wasted in that messy rabble of a game. What an awful spectacle rugby union is! Haven’t watched any of the World Cup and won’t watch any of the finals games, regardless who is in it. We changed the game 100 years ago for all the right reasons! Privilege to play the game? My arse!


  • He is a gun, but look at the difference in quality. 

    Semi is semi retired in Union and he is killing it .

    Any quality backline player in the world that wants to price himself the best, better than all others across all rugby codes needs to price themselves in the NRL.

    NRL backs are the best in the world... 

  • You wait until he plays 7s and goes to the Olympics and puts a gold medal round his neck.That’ll be something the NRL will ever give him.

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