Semi Final Team List v Panthers

1. Clint Gutherson

2. Haze Dunster

3. Will Pensini

4. Waqa Blake 

5. Blake Ferguson

6. Dylan Brown

7. Mitchell Moses

8. Regean Cambell-Gillard

9. Ray Stone

10. Junior Paulo

11. Shaun Lane

12. Marata Niukore 

13. Nathan Brown




14. Will Smith

15. Isaiah Papali'i 

16. Bryce Cartwright 

17. Ryan Matterson




18. Makahesi Makatoa

19. Oregon Kaufusi 

20. Tom Opacic 

21. Jakob Arthur




INs: Ryan Matterson

OUTs: Makahesi Makatoa


Referee: Ashley Klein

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          • Personally I'd  like to see Lane at another club, but he's in the side so I wish him well. It's up to the coach to utilise  his time on the field correctly. 

            • You are a softy after all Seth LOL 

              • Driza, don't  be sucked in by my schizophrenia,




          • Ha yeah it's how it looks in his demenour too. 
            he was flying so well out there with Jennings combo.

            Like you say less minutes and come on with oomph and self belief in that big body of his.

            hate to say this coz I like Lane lots more than J.Tamou but for awhile there he kinda reminded me of a younger Tamou - big but bit half arsed body. 

            think he has realised he needed to lift his act with a bit of healthy player pressure coming through and responded to that a month or so back 

  • I hope Cartwright drops off and Mak comes onto the bench, but it seems Bryce's big 12 minutes at the end of each game are required.


    Fair play to the coach, he's got it right in recent weeks and i hope this pays off too. But Lane and Cartwright both seem defensive liabilities to me. I suppose Stone joins the running forward roster once Smith comes on to dummy half. 

    • Lane missed 1 tackle last week 

    • We've had a lot of issues with our edge defence yet never on Lanes side whether he plays on the left or the right.

      When tries are scored his side it's usually from individual errors and not from overlaps.

      Put Lane in the middle and you weaken our edge defense 

      Put Papa on the edge and youweaken the middle

  • Hope I'm wrong he is important to us but I'll be surprised if Fergo isn't a later scratching - he was having real problems with that leg 

    in which case Nuikore at C Waqa to wing Matto to start and either Kufusi/Makatoa to bench -

    it's  the only explanation for going with only Lane as prop rotation. And add that BA would've should've learned from past  only one prop on bench isn't a great idea for our style and we need intensity plus plus for this one ☝️ 


    • Papalii will play prop macy.

      • Ooops ta HKF meant to write him as the only prop on bench ha 

        anyway I'm not keen on not including another fresh it's too risky imo


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