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Dont really care mate.

I just read you're negative responses day in day out and thought why does this bloke spend so much time on a supporters forum bagging the team he supports.

But we all need an outlet.

Yep there's a few like him Webb not sure why someone who complains about such things bother but each to there own.

Sewer for some Webby. not you though.

A sheep yard for others.

When I saw the headline Salmon in Hot water all I felt was hunger.

I think eels 'Star' is a bit of an exaggeration don't you? Don't mean to bag the guy but why is it that other teams debut young playmakers and they set the world on fire first game but when we do its a work in progress?

The street where he crashed is just around the corner from his folks place

He saw Coach/Gary in a ballroom dress?

I think the board will grill Salmon for sure.

He left a hole in the road where his Jeep rolled.

The council have asked Salmon to fillet in.

Boom tish!

LOL, very good.

This ^ is THE Salmon joke of the entire blog :)


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