Round 9 Team List v Roosters

1. Clint Gutherson

2. Maika Sivo

3. Tom Opacic

4. Marata Niukore

5. Blake Ferguson

6. Dylan Brown

7. Mitchell Moses

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Reed Mahoney

10. Junior Paulo

11. Isaiah Papali'i

12. Ryan Matterson

13. Nathan Brown




14. Oregon Kaufusi

15. Shaun Lane

16. Haze Dunster

17. Bryce Cartwright 




18. Joey Lussick

19. Keegan Hipgrave 

20. Wiremu Greig 

21. Jordan Rankin


IN: None

OUT: None


Referee: Matt Cecchin

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                  • Guth will be in the squad. He's the perfect injury back up for anywhere in the backline, he may even be 18th man for the game in case of injury. RCG would still be a shout. Using him in tandem with an offloader would be very effective. Freddy could do worse than starting with Paulo and RCG.

                  • Yep.

                    • Moses is the back up to N Cleary.
                    • Mahoney is the back up to Grant.
                    • RCG and N Brown our the back up to Paulo, Saifiti, Haas, Radley, Murray, A Cricthon, etc.
                    • Gutho is a back up to Teddy and Papenhuyzen.
                    • Fergo is a back up to To'o, Turbo, Tupou, JAC. 
                    • So leaving aside those eels players personal dissapointments in missing selections for SOO , you have named 6 of our team as backup SOO. Why be concerned ? Great team then .  Go the mighty Eels .

                    • I never said I was concerned. I am just saying Paulo is the only player that will probabaly get a spot in the 17. 

                    • But you gave no consideration to the others we lose who go into SOO camp.

                      Delusional to think we will only lose one player during SOO.

                    • You know what I wish .... this is the best window we have had 

                      I wish they would make a pact this year to be unavailable for origin and just focus on a premiership 

                      selfish but it's what I want !! I don't want players unavailable , players injured in camp or origin 

                      I want a bloody premiership !!!!!

                    • Carlo they are not permitted to make themselves unavailable for rep duties. It is part of their CBA that all NRL contracted players are available for rep footy unless injured. Certain senior players can ask for and be granted rep retirement, but the relevent body can ignore or revoke rep retirement at any time.

                      Besides, every premiership team is loaded with rep players. I want all our players playing rep footy of some kind, that will actually get us closer to a premiership.

                    • Really 

                      I must be remembering someone who was a long term player that "made them self unavailable " one year as they wanted to concentrate on a premiership - was it Thurston ? It was someone !!!

                      bummer . I know it makes them better but it also sometimes puts speed bumps in a very close season too at times 

                      and I don't like it lol🤔🤨🤨

                    • Jamie Lyon basically said no a couple of years before he retired from NRL.

                    • You may be thinking of Lyon, he made himself unavailable from 2010 but kept playing until 2017.

                      Hard to beleive he only played 10 SOO games and 8 tests.

                      However i am not sure if he actual "officially" ever made him  self unavailable or just said dont pick me because i want to concentrate on club games..

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