Round 8 Team List v Cowboys

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Field

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. Niukore




14. Stone

15. Gower

16. Kaufusi 

17. Takairangi




18. Utoikamanu 

19. Alvaro

20. G Jennings

21. Smith


IN: Field

OUT: Moses


Referee: Ben Cummins

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    • He has great top end speed to, going by what i saw in his highlights.

    • Was that like Mark Taylor made of perhaps Tim-Brooke Taylor made son? 

  • Well done to BA !  Couldn't understand the push for Taka. Jai Field will be great. 

    • x 2

  • Hope there's more of that version of Stone ... he was awesome and made a huge diff lifting the intensity! His try was well served.

    Unleash the Stone again!. Gonna need it against the big bopper cows!

  • Not Cummins!! Dear footy gods why isn't he dropped to Wenty!?

    • Cummins has a tendency to favour the top teams, we are currently one of the top teams, ka-ching.

  • Wow.    Didnt think he would go that way.   Field has lightening pace off teh mark probably bit quicker than Mitch is over that initial 20 metres.  Might find some opportunities off the back of Junior and RCG to exploit the middles of the Cows.  I like GOWER, Good feet at the line and also nice 2nd man phases.  Kafusi to really kick on I think.  Excited . 

    • He's one of the quickest players in the NRL. He gets in open space and that's it. 
      He doesn't have to do much. Just ease himself into the role but if he gets an off load and a bit of space .....

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