Round 4 Team List v Sea Eagles

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. Niukore




14. Takairangi

15. Stone

16. Evans

17. Terepo




18. Kaufusi

19. G Jennings

20. W Smith

21. Gower


INs: None

OUTs: None

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              • Hhahaaa. Thx Poppa. You gents  r hilairiuous. Col to. But not the other stooges. So that bloke with the monkey bff wasnt calling me a snake. Ooopsie . How cum everyones talking bout Snake? 

                • The other stooges!! 

                  • Have you stooges figured out who's who yet?

  • I can cop Takkas on the bench he covers the backs as well capable of being in the backrow.

    As for Peni i think BA has given him enough loyalty its time do give Oregon a prolonged run

  • If disaster strikes then we have enough versatility to shift things around without Taka. No point wasting a bench spot for 19 games to save moving things around in 1,game. Especially with Stone on the bench.

    When I said Kafusi needs a run it was not a criticism of Peni. Even if Peni and Kafusi are rotated it is more that our likely reserves need game time or they will be too far behind when they are called on and for our key reserves like Kafusi and Gower we should not be losing much rotating with Peni or Taka

  • Agree Kafusi needs some game time.

    Taka's has the versatility to cover anywhere on the field.  Jai Field has been suggested as a replacement for Taka on the bench somewhere here too, isn't there restrictions on bringing development players into the 17 before a certain date?  Don't know how that has been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown of the game though.  Field could be handy late in the game, his speed getting through tired opposition could be a bonus for the Eels.

    • Expierence v brining on young players.

      Tough one.

      I have been a Taka fan for a longtime and think the rotation is probably the hardesr call for any coach - unless you are Rorters, Storm, Bronx or Moanly.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • This reply was deleted.
      • Because his handling (while improved) can always be relied on to offer up a couple of errors and he doesn't offset that by bending the line. The effort is there but he seems to crumple at first contact. A few years back he provided some energy and go forward but these days not so much. Tackling efficiency is okay however. 

        • This reply was deleted.
          • Truth and reputation don't always match. It is hard to change a reputation.

This reply was deleted.

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