Round 18 Team List v Panthers

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. Field

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. N Brown




14. Stone

15. Davey  

16. Evans 

17. Kaufusi




18. Dunster 

19. Utoikamanu 

20. Smith 

21. Hughes


IN: Davey

OUT: Niukore


Referee: Gerard Sutton

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  • I am guessing Marata Niukore didnt recover from the injury he got during the warriors game. Interesting to see Hughes named in the 21. Most lilkely trying to give him some experience with game day preparations. So I expect he will be on the bench next year to replace Evans.

    Looks like if Mahoney is injured, Stone starts at hooker with Smith on the bench. 

    I am expectng RCG and Paulo to play big minutes this week. Kafusi barely had any minutes last week, so I assume BA doesn't like to use him for more than 10 minutes when the game is very close. I am expecting Lane to shift into the fowards when Davey comes onto the field.

    • Oooh fresh prince might get a run !!!!!

    • You mean middle but i reckon it will be matterson not lane.

      • Fowards are your middle. Backrowers (2nd Rowers) are not apart of the middle or fowards. Also Lane has always been the one moving to prop to accomodate for Davey. I can't recall Matterson ever playing prop. Lane has the bigger and rangy body and has experience as a prop.

        • Since when are second  rowers not part  of the forward PACK numbering 8 .9. 10 .11 .12. 13  backs being

          • Oh yep. My bad. Sorry HKF. Fowards are 8-13. Middles are 8-10 & 13. Backrows are 11&12. Is this right? Or is 13 a backrower?

            • Yes and they are all called the foward pack

        • LOL - Esmond I would go back to playing marbles at your pre scholl if I was you - your LACK of knowledge is second to none.

          Quick question for you - why are players numbered 9 to 13 called the Forwrd PACK?

          • I make one error and all of a sudden I know nothing about this game. Seems about right. If thats the case you know nothing about this game either because you forgot to include 8 in your foward pack. 

This reply was deleted.

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