Round 13 games

The Warriors showing the cheat code to attack Manly. Basically keep going to Suli for 3-4 tackles, bunch Manly up as they try to protect him, then spread a couple wide passes to their left and Bob's your uncle. Two easy-peasy tries for the Warriors following that strategy.

PS George Jennings despite a try, up to his old "out of position" or "missing tackles" best. I'd pay never to see him at Parra again.

PPS BA should make a raid for Jack Hetherington. After all the Panthers are our player development club :P

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  • Warriors have a steal about them that they just aren't getting enough credit for. People will go on about Manlys injuries, but every team has injuries throughout the year and they still have the Australian halfback and numerous other rep players. For the warriors to go to manly and beat them with a tapped together team filled with other teams surplus (rejects) players is absolutely amazing. Warriors just did what we couldn't. Huge effort. Easily becoming everyones second team (or thereabouts) surely.

    • On top of that they are about to sign Kane Evans on big money

      • It will be interesting to see what happens there. I'd like to keep Kane for the right money but not break the bank for him. 
        If he does go I think we definitely need to replace him with another NRL quality player from elsewhere. Hetherington would be great but if not him we need another quality front rower. My point is, we probably don't have that level ready to go in our current squad and we need it. 

        • Hetherington is the guy, and I reckon we could prize him out of the Panthers hands with the right approach. Mark O'Neill has shown he has a deft hand in these matters.

    • To quote Gus from Friday night's game - "You don't worry about the players who are out of the team, you worry about who is IN the team."

      So many teams are capable of fidling strong competitive teams even when some of their so called strike players are out.

  • Why can't Eels grow there own?  Unless Panthers have extended Hetherington he was only playing 4 games with Warriors. He is under contract for next year at Pennies.  Another local junior  was graded to top 30 last week.  Burton and Hetherington are top shelf players. I would say they will be used back end of season if needed and Heatherington is keeping match fit.  If BA is the man he could check out his own backyard. Give a home grown a legup. Geoff Toovey would be good in development. 

    • We've debuted Stefano this season and Oregon Kaufusi has become part of our middle rotation. We've got Hughes and Hollis in the lower grades. Sometimes you have to go poach a good player from another club. If Kane Evans opts to leave then I'd jump at Hetherington.

      • 1000% and I'd prefer him over Evans everyday of the week.

    • It’s so easy to just say “look at our own”, but who do you have in mind ?

      Hetherington is a ready made NRL player who isn’t getting game time. It doesn’t matter that he’s under contract, the Panthers are extremely pragmatic in these things. All we would have to do is offer to pay more of RCG’s and/or Waqa Blake’s salaries and they’d release him tomorrow.


      • I doubt the Panthers will release Hetherington  actually. He looks like he could be anything and I reckon he'd be in their plans 

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