• The roosters can kiss a third title goodbye, with young Smith and Mitchell gone they lack serious strike outwide

  • The Roosters 2020 squad is significantly weaker than last year.  Losing Cronk and Latrell is massive and one of their replacements (Billy Smith) has a season ending ACL injury and the other (Kyle Flanagan) is the complete opposite to who he's replacing, a youngster with no experience. 

    They still have the best player in the world at 1 but Teddy ain't saving them this year. 

    I like the Morris bros. but they are aging and so to is Friend who probably shouldn't but is likely to start over Verrills.

    I think Parra will be too strong for last year's premiership winners. 

    • Let's hope your right but the Morris pick up is a masterstroke in the face of losing their new young superstar in Billy Smith.

      I would not worry about the Roosters strike power with the wingers and fullback they have.  Your points are valid about who they have lost, but if that defence is as good as it has been, that's are very big start. That backline are not mugs!

      I wish we had the competence of their defence, which we are still trying to obtain.

      A lot is being said of Parramatta winning the easy games i.e. making sure we win them.

      Apart from Titans I don't think there is such a thing as and Titans is never been an easy game for us. I think a lot of these easy (so called) games are those, these teams see as ones they can win when they play Parra.

    • The key for them is Luke Keary staying healthy

      • Kearyis definitely the key to the Roosters, become a much smarter player the last 2 years playing with Cronk but his concussions are starting to mount up

        • Yep

          • There is no doubt Keary is the key but the pressure on him in 2020 has turned up a few notches.  Containing him is a hell of a lot easier without having Cronk and Trell around.  

  • Eastern Suburbs still have a good team minus Cronk and Mitchell.  As Poppa Clay said their backline are no mugs like.  Joseph Manu and Tupou can play.  Their forward pack is still very good and very experienced.   I see them making the top 4 again but not winning the premiership.

  • Fits in with gossip about an unhappy camp at the Sharks.

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