Rolling mauls

Is there are specific rule against rolling mauls? At the 5:14 min mark the roosters prevent a dominate tackle by assisting their player and preventing parra dominance in the tackle at that point. It gave them the opportunity to push up and take advantage on the next two plays and ultimately we had penisini in the bin. If it's allowed why don't we do it every tackle???

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  • You can push your own player by directly contacting him only. You can't push onto an opposing player. 

    • Is that only in the in-goal though? If not why don't teams do it on every run. Just have a bloke run behind push him along at the right point to prevent him going back to far. Seems like a no brainer if allowed.

  • I've noticed Melbourne and especially Penrith use a second man especially rucking it out and push their player in a bid to gain feild position. 

    Parramatta should be doing this, how many times was Sivo pushed back on every hit up.  The bushie needs to get up to speed with these rules .

    • The wooden spoon coach is a reactive coach, not a proactive one. You'll never see him be 2 steps ahead of the game. 

    • Hey Chief, you keep calling BA bushie; have you seem him naked?

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