• I don’t  buy into knit picking an individual event from a game.

    Because although this directly lead to a try,  However hypothetical we may have throw a forward pass that got us field position to force a repeat set and a try came of the repeat set.

    I say hypothetical because I won’t be going back through the reply to find such a situation but I hope you get what I mean.


    • That was the point of putting this up. If we went into the knit picking of this game you will find that around 9 times in the game the Warriors were were given the olive branch from the refs, while we were given it 3 times, if I remember correctly - it was something like this. The point is we won the game regardless of al the crap reffing going on. 

      • I wouldn’t know the numbers but agree a win is a win and no point going over each individual play.

        But gee how bad has the refs been this weekend in all games?

        Or are we as supporters and the media just expecting more these days?

        Personally I believe in not showing replays and just living with the decision but since we live in the “Age of the OUTRAGED” that’s not going to happen.

        • Brown, you said " how bad have the refs been this weekend" they've been bad ALL year. I'm sick of the refs going to the bunker for just about every try. Since the bunker was introduced I've put on about 15kg, I'm getting sick of KFC. But seriously, that's the only reason the bunker exists, ADVERTISING.

          • Hahaha nice

          • You have properly put on a Kilo a week that there been shit.

            The first couple weeks of the year they was ok. O how that was short lived.

            You better not step on the scales tomorrow morning, because I think you properly put on 2 kilo this weekend.

  • Who cares, he had to slow down to catch it, he caught it way in front from where the ball was passed, it was called a forward pass and you move on. It could have been the winning pass. We would be here saying, look how it travelled forward. Again, who cares we move on. Bring on the Dragons!!! 

  • It went a little forward from the point he threw it but maybe was not forward relative to where he would have been if he kept travelling at the same velocity. 50/50 decision by the same refs and linesmen that missed an obvious Warriors knockon that led to their second try and was a major turning point in the first half. The refs seemed to make a bad decision and then try to even it up and were constantly chasing their tails trying to even up

  • Ball came out of his hand backwards then floated forward. Play on, try, warriors win.

    • You can’t say Warriors win. There was still 4 minutes left and we play the last 4 minutes completely differently if we were behind. Parramatta has probably been on the wrong end of these sort of calls no less than 4 or 5 times this year. The referee ruled on this and he was in the best position anyone in the ground was to rule on it. They are in a no win situation here. The bunker can’t rule, they alone have to make a decision. If he lets it go on, plenty of Parramatta supporters would be unhappy if wasn’t ruled forward. 

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