Remainder of the season

If we can continue playing quality footy for the whole 80 minutes and get through the next two big games against Newcastle and Manly, and IF we can peak for the game against Melbourne in Round 15 and get the win, we have a real chance of going through the rest of the season undefeated. Thoughts?

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  • I'm predicting that we won't win another game this year and valiantly slip into 9th place.

    • FU... OFF Grunta . To you from every eels supporter member  Lol .

  • There will be a loss. The sky will fall. The death riders will take over the site. Then we will win. The death riders will say it was luck and continue to bleat until the next win the next week and then the death riders will hibernate until Week 1 of the finals. 
    This we know. The rest is conjecture. 

    • Whos been deathriding Daz? i havnt seen anybody bagging the team, name them.



      • 6669490871?profile=RESIZE_584x

      • They crawled out after the Roosters loss. Usual suspects. Couple  of real silly blogs. One of which was bagging Gutherson as a ball player of all the most ridiculous crap I've ever read. 

  • The advantages of finishing top 2 are enormous.

    the main thing you want at the end of the year (apart from playing well) is to be healthy.

    getting a home final at Bankwest plus a week off to prepare for a GF qualifier again at Bankwest would make it very very tough for another club to beat us.

  • Dream on start beating the top sides on regular basis first , every year its the same we start well then shit our selves when it counts most

    • No it doesn't....

      When was the last time we were 7/1?

      I can't remember it and I'm certain you can't either.

      As for beating the good teams, our last 5 games

      Manly, Penrith, Roosters, Raiders & Cowboys. Only one so called easy beat on that list - toughest draw of any side so far and we sit 1st.

      To top it off we face another 3 top 8 sides in the next few weeks, if we can jag 2/3 that's pretty solid IMO.

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