Referees Chosen for Semis

So the NRL decide on the refs for the weekend game - a day early! And they’ve dropped Ashley Klein who I thought had a great game - sounds like a Bellamy / Smith influenced decision 
Both Cummins and Atkins get a second chance at ousting us on Saturday night
Hope our boys play the way they did yesterday and not give these refs a chance at penalizing us.

Just on Atkins, watching the replay he was overruled three times, twice by head referee and once by touchie. On all 3 occasions his decisions were against parra and were incorrect. There’s just something about him I don’t like, I actually thought Klein had a good game and controlled Melb and Cam Smith perfectly.

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  • Atkins is the son of former Parra winger Graeme Atkins, I don't know if Atkins had a falling out with the club but, his son really has a problem with us.

    • Well that explains it! Couldn’t work him out yesterday why he seemed to have something against us. I thought he was feeling sorry for the broncs but perhaps more too it.

  • Hopefully they allow the play the ball speed we had against the broncos , because the storm will try out wrestle us 

  • If the NRL don't want the Eels to win then they wont! It's corrupted to the core. When the games arent controlled and manipulated by the referees and they allow a free flowing game then the best team wins as did the Eels on Sunday! Every time the Storm play the Eels up until now the referees have influenced the results. Let's just hope the referees don't stuff up the Eels chances on Saturday night as if they are given 50/50 calls they can beat the Storm!

  • They might say sorry to the Storm for that bad call on the weekend by missing a few forward passes against us like they did in 17.

  • Atkins was woeful . Some of the obvious shit he missed was rookie stuff .  


    The only way we will beat Melbourne is if we take the decision out of the NRLs hands . 

  • I wish we had Klein I feel like he is very fair and makes the right call no matter who against. 

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